Charles Morgan, Grandson Of Morgan Cars Founder, Leaves Company

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The Morgan Motor Company, founded by H.F.S. Morgan way back in 1910 and famous for making very old-school British sports cars, announced Charles Morgan – the founder's grandson – is no longer part of the company.


Parent company Morgan Technologies released a statement yesterday, which included the following:

Over recent months, and in response to the growth in volumes, model range
and overseas markets, the company structure has been strengthened across a
number of different areas. This reflects the scale and complexity of an increasingly
global business


Earlier this year, Autocar reported Morgan was replaced as the car firm's managing director by Steve Morris, but remained on the board and would pursue promoting the Morgan brand.

After yesterday's development, the company said that everyone, including the Morgan family, "look forward to sharing more news" about Morgan soon. We hope more news means good news and that Morgan isn't trying to pursue an overly ambitious growth strategy, like other British sports car makers of late (Lotus and Caterham, listening?).

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I heard that he was kicked out off the company because he disagreed with company's plans to build an ash-framed SUV with sliding-pillar suspension and 1930s styling cues......