The 2014 BMW M3 Interior Looks Like It Should

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Coming right on the heels of the 2014 4-Series convertible, The 2014 BMW M3 is on pace to make its debut any moment, and its interior looks like... well, it looks like a BMW M3. Which isn't to say it's a bad thing.


Originally spotted by the chaps over at Car News China (where there are loads more pictures), the new BMW looks much like the outgoing one, with a fat, chunky steering wheel, DCT transmission, and lots of dark gray leather everywhere. No surprises here, really. Kinda boring, in fact.


In case you're forgetting, the BMW M3 Coupe is no more, and it will now be known as the BMW M4. The "M3" moniker, then, only belongs to the sedan. Even still, it'll probably come with 416 horses and a manual transmission as an option, hopefully.

Can't wait.

H/t to Tycho!

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Victorious Secret

Cue more bitching about the DCT and how manuals are better. You know it'll happen. You so much as mention transmissions and people will rush to the defence of either, far few actually speak with their wallets because in the real world all the bitching in the world means nothing unless you back it up with your pocketbook.

Go on, tell me how all you critics were going to buy one with a manual. Go on, lets see those confirmation deposits you placed on a manual M3/M4. Come on, you stood at the top of the mountain proclaiming how much more awesomesauce the manual would be (in their defence, with how great the E92 is now, I can't blame them for their loud yelling) now go show us you put your money where your mouth is.