What Is The Worst Airport In The World?

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Some airports are just exceptional with how they handle throngs of busy and impatient flyers. Others have constantly delayed flights, bad food, rude personnel, no parking, and other vexing features. Which is the worst to fly from?


When I travel I want to be in an airport that has short lines and a courteous staff. And for the most part, I've found that modern airports are better than ever. But then there are some with terrible lighting, food that makes you want to eat on the plane, and a persistent stream of delays.

What has your experience been? Which airport would you never fly through again if you could make that happen?


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Chicago O'Hare. I'll let everyone else tell stories about why, but it is by far the worst.

The biggest reason it is the worst is because changing from one terminal to the next for a connecting flight (which is common) usually requires a 20 minute sprint. If you can barely make it in time for your flight do you think your luggage will? No, not likely.

Will Buxton had a rant on twitter about O'Hare recently I think. SOmething about going to a gate in another terminal only to have to return to the previous terminal to a gate next to the one he had just exited.

How many other MAJOR airports that offer connection flights around the world have flights cancelled and delayed due to high wind conditions?