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This BMW E30 M3 Rally Crash Is Sad Yet Also Hilarious

Alternate headline: When Rally Hoonage Goes Wrong: BMW Edition.

Yes, no one ever said rallying was a great way to keep your race car clean and undamaged. More than just about any other form of racing, this kind of thing is par for the course.


But it's still sad to watch, especially when it's a car we love like the E30 M3. This crash apparently occurred at the Rallylegend 2013 event in San Marino. Like all great rally crashes, it was certainly a close call from some spectators, but it doesn't look like anyone was badly hurt, thankfully.


At least it caught some mad air before it went out.

Hat tip to Micky!

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--Wacko--CVT tamer

That wasn't a crash, just looking for a place to park like an asshat