Meet Ford's New Turbo Daytona Prototype Of The Future

Next year marks the end of the ALMS. It's also the end of Grand Am. Instead, we'll have the unified United Sports Car Championship. And this is Ford's very turbocharged contender in the Daytona Prototype class.

Ford has been making a big push into turbocharged engines with its EcoBoost lineup over the past few years. So now it only makes sense that they'd take the EcoBoost name racing.


The car in question is a Riley Daytona Prototype with Ford's new V6 race engine. Ford is providing aero support to the program and there will be some production car cues on the body of the racer... which I assume means the LEDs in the lights.

The car will debut at the Daytona 24 next year with Michael Shank Racing, though other teams could also sign up.

Photo Credits: Ford

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