I have an old car and I love it. But when I get to drive a new one, I'm always amazed at how far the automotive industry has come. You should be too, so don't hold on to the following ten misconceptions born from days gone by.

10.) "Warming up your car is a must"

Back in the day, carburetors needed time to warm up (particularly during winter), but these days all you need to do is keep revs low until the needle is at the right place and your engine will have enough oil where it needs it. Sitting in the cabin for ten minutes running the engine is a waste of time and fuel.

Suggested By: Andy Sheehan, StreetsideStig , Photo Credit: bshamblen

9.) "Young people don't want new cars"

Yes, they do. They just need jobs and money to be able to afford them.

Suggested By: Juan Barnett, Photo Credit: MSVG

8.) "Manuals are more efficient"

Manual transmissions are fun and efficient if you know how to use them, but a modern double-clutch automatic can be as efficient (and more) even if you're a moron.

Suggested By: JayhawkJake, supeRSonic KIAfan, Photo Credit: DrivingSpirit

7.) "They don't make them so you can service them yourself."

Indeed, modern engines are sealed off and you don't have the tools to dig as deep as before. That being said, cars still need regular attention and care. Pop the hood, check fluid levels, save money.

Suggested By: LuckyChuck, Photo Credit: Highways Agency

6.) "Buy American, support American jobs"

The automotive industry is a global playground, with brands having plants all over the world. Buying a Korean, German or Japanese car can support America as much as any Ford put together in Turkey.

Suggested By: Grand Moff Talkin', Photo Credit: Honda/ Marysville Auto Plant

5.) "No need for winter tires"

Even all-wheel drive won't turn you into a Scandinavian rally driver, but it's true that all-season tires can work in light snow as long as you know how to drive but find winter tires too expensive. The thing is that the more grip you have, the safer you are, especially when it comes to braking.

Suggested By: Turbineguy; now with Les Paul, Photo Credit: Sean Davis

4.) "Rear-wheel drive is dangerous"

Front-wheel drive: understeer.
Rear-wheel drive: oversteer.

You fall into a ditch with each if you lose control, but I have great news! Modern cars take care of driving errors pretty well.

Suggested By: BrtStlnd, Photo Credit: BMW

3.) "Diesels are smokey, noisy, and weak"

America got it all wrong. Modern diesels are clean, efficient and powerful as a locomotive. Like a good TDI, not a Delta. There's no shame in having a diesel.

Suggested By: ATX211, Photo Credit: Janitors

2.) "Cars aren't as sturdy they used to be"

Safety cells were invented in the seventies by a Hungarian gentlemen working for Mercedes. That doesn't mean any car from that point had them, but it was the start of the development process that made our current cars as solid as a rock.

Suggested By: MaWeiTao, Photo Credit: OpenSkyMedia

1.) "New cars suck"

It's quite the opposite. They might have lost some character and that lovely mechanical feel to them, but in exchange they became faster, safer, more efficient, better built and equipped with amazing gadgets. And the evolution won't slow down as the gap between different manufacturers has never been tighter...

Suggested By: Kate's Dirty Sister, Photo Credit: Janitors

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