What's The Worst Misconception About Modern Cars?

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Car technology always moves forward. A lot of stereotypes do not. Consequently, you probably know people who are still preaching some total BS about the auto industry.


For instance, I still know many older folks who refuse to even consider buying an entry-level luxury sedan because "it's got a four cylinder." Turns out that the four cylinder of today is as cultured and powerful as the sixes and eights of yesteryear, Bernie.

What else have you been told about buying cars, repairing cars, or whatever that just isn't true anymore? What's the worst car misconception you've heard that belongs in the past?

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"American cars are crap."

Argue about heredity all you want ("The Cruze is Korean! The Dart is Italian! The Focus is German!" etc etc etc), these are American brands putting out cars that are seriously good.