Say Goodbye To The Manual In The Next Audi R8

Does anyone else feel like you never hear about the Audi R8 anymore? Audi's Lambo-based supercar is fantastic, but as it enters its seventh year, is it old news? No worries — Audi has a new one in the pipeline, and some new ideas for it. But they are saying goodbye to the gated manual. Shit. » 3/11/14 1:20pm 3/11/14 1:20pm

Who You Should Blame For The Death Of The Gated Shifter

I'm not an old school guy. I love double clutch gearboxes and I think they're the way of the future. But I just drove a car with a gated manual shift and it's properly magical. It's also the end-of-the-line. So who is to blame? » 10/21/13 3:15pm 10/21/13 3:15pm

New BMW M3 And M4 Go Turbocharged, Keep The Manual Transmission

Rejoice everyone. BMW has officially dispelled the rumors that the new M3 and M4 won't have a manual transmission. The 424 horsepower turbocharged monsters will let you row the gears yourself. Happy days are still here. » 9/24/13 7:10pm 9/24/13 7:10pm

Dealer In California Now Has ‘Jalopnik Edition’ BMW 3-Series In Stock

We may tell you which cars we think you should buy, but we generally avoid telling you which specific dealer to buy them from. I'm making an exception for BMW Encinitas, which has ordered a 'Jalopnik Edition' BMW and has put it up for sale. Go buy it. Go buy it now. » 7/25/13 2:00pm 7/25/13 2:00pm

The Enthusiast Feature The 2014 Corolla Gets That The 911 GT3 Doesn't

Toyota has a built up a reputation as the most boring car company in the world, held up by the Corolla, which has a pretty solid reputation as the most boring car in the world. So why is the 2014 Corolla getting a manual and the Porsche GT3 and Turbo aren't? » 6/07/13 12:02pm 6/07/13 12:02pm

Why More Cars Need Three Pedals

If you think flappy paddles make you faster on the street, you're insane or silly (or both). If you think they makes you faster on the track, you must have godlike driving skills already. If you don't already have godlike driving skills, then you are better off working on your braking zones and driving lines first. » 6/05/13 4:04pm 6/05/13 4:04pm

Genius Parents Curb Teen's Distracted Driving With Manual Transmission

If Jalopnik were to start handing out Parent of the Year awards, Seattleites Holly Johnson and her husband would have to be the top choices. They found the solution to distracted driving that we have LITERALLY BEEN PREACHING FOR YEARS — they bought their teenager a car with a stick shift. Huzzah! » 5/08/13 1:11pm 5/08/13 1:11pm

Fiat To Add Automatic Gearbox To 500 Abarth Because They Actually Want …

The Fiat 500 Abarth is one of my personal favorite cars. It's a funky little hot rod that is also one of the best sounding cars on the market. It's also only available with an old fashioned manual transmission. That last part is about to change. » 4/10/13 9:43am 4/10/13 9:43am