Sideways In The Snow In A BMW E36 M3

When you see a mid '90s BMW E36, what do you think of? Maybe your nice friend's mom's car, painted in standard dark green? Maybe you think of a bright yellow M3 coupe hammering through an autocross. What about a snowbound rally car?


This is Forest Duplessis (brother of Chris Duplessis, the first American to race in Rally Finland in 40 years) and this is his missile car on studded snows last winter. His E36 M3 likes dirt roads, it likes being sideways, and I think we all like it in return.

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A hair to split: The US didn't receive any E36 M3 until 1995, and the sedan (such as this example) was only sold in 1997 and 1998. Not exactly early '90s, but yes, they did start selling the E36 chassis in '92.