This Lamborghini Came With A TV And A Minibar In 1970

I'm sure the 1970 Paris Motor Show was worth visiting for all the French goodness it had to offer, but the most desirable piece of brilliance must have been the Espada show car, specially prepared for the event by Bertone.

This particular Paris Motor Show presented the Porsche 914 hatchback built by Heuliez to the public, so being bored really wasn't an option once you stepped inside. Lamborghini wanted to get some attention for the Series 2 Espada, a car that replaced the original after just two years. The S2 got more power, an all new dashboard and steering wheel and optional power steering for the ultimate grand touring experience.


Still, to make sure everybody was listening, Bertone jammed a television, hi-fi stereo and a drinks compartment at the back.

Flexible display? No. It was angled.

Photo credit: pkabel

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