In the wake of the recent NYC biker-gang calamity, Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. wants to fine gas stations that allow unregistered dirt bikes and ATVs to refuel.


Diaz says: “These dirt bikes and ATVs are not street legal, yet videos clearly show them pulling right up to the pump at gas stations all over the City. It is time for this City to consider a creative solution to shut off the fuel that drives the recklessness that has taken control of our streets."

Before you get too nervous, the legislature being drawn up will not affect machines that are "secured in a properly registered trailer." So you'll be free to gas up the rig you're towing to the Pine Barrens this weekend.

But if you run a gas station and some hooligan farts up on a thumper, the Borough of the Bronx hopes to slap you with a fine of up to $1,000 per incident.


Making fuel stations bear the cost of malfeasance incentivizes them to enforce the law themselves, likely necessary because there's no way NYPD could stay on top of this. Would such a law put a kink in New York's highway hijinks, or is it an unfair penalization on small business owners?

Photo Credit: Andrew Collins