Ex-Motorcycle Racer Stuck In Dubai After Wife's Mysterious Death

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Former MotoGP and British Superbike rider Sean Emmett and his bride were on their honeymoon in Dubai in February when she died after falling from her hotel room window. Initially, her death was ruled a suicide, but it may now be under investigation as a murder — keeping Emmett from leaving the United Arab Emirates.


The Daily Mail reports that Emmett, 43, was on a honeymoon with his wife Abbie after their wedding in South Africa. The newspaper says she died on Feb. 19 after falling 50 feet out of a window after leaning from the balcony to look for her dropped wedding ring.

Emmett was initially arrested and held for four days during the investigation, but was later only charged with drinking alcohol without a license when her death was deemed a suicide. (I should say here that I find it odd that it was listed as a suicide rather than an accidental death, but authorities in Dubai may classify things differently than we do.)

However, Emmett's passport was never returned to him when it was confiscated as part of the investigation, leaving him unable to return home to England. The BBC now reports that things are further delayed because of the Eid Al Adha holiday. In addition, they say Emirati media now reports the case may be under investigation as a murder.

In the meantime, it's wait-and-see for Emmett, who has said he's "effectively locked in the world's biggest prison" and was unable to attend his wife's cremation in England. It will be very interesting to see how this case develops.

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1. Do you really need a license to consume alcohol in Emirates?

2. Waiting on comments from Brits saying that this man is innocent and that Dubai's police are racist and barbaric and bla bla bla.

3. Same comments might come from Americans too.