Man With Fake Gun Tries To Rob Race Car Driver, Fails Miserably

IndyCar driver JR Hildebrand was out and about in Indianapolis last night walking his dog when a man approached from behind, pulled out a gun, and said "give it to me." That's when Hildebrand decided the gun was fake and he wouldn't "give it to him."

According to the police report, Hildebrand heard a clicking sound coming from the gun which is what tipped him off that it was fake. He told the guy to "get lost" a few times, which was enough to scare him away,


Hildebrand called the Indianapolis Metro Police Department (Indianapolice would be a clever name for them, right?), who searched the area, but did not find an embarrassed would-be robber with a fake gun.

Hildebrand was unhurt and probably feels like a bit of a badass.

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