Half-Empty Water Bottle Proves Ineffective Against Motorcycle Fire

My hat is truly off to the motorcycle riders in this video. When they encounter another rider's burning motorcycle, they makes an earnest attempt to put out the fire using the only tool at their disposal. It just didn't work, that's all.

In the video, which looks like it came from Australia, shows our GoPro-wearing hero and another rider as they come upon a third rider who went off road and crashed into a bush. He wasn't badly hurt, but his bike was on fire. They responded by tossing water from a half-empty plastic bottle onto the rapidly-spreading flames.


It was not effective. But you know what? They tried their best. You can watch the full video here. The bike ends up exploding around the 3:40 mark, scorching the brush along the roadway.

Good on them for stopping to help out. Not all motorcycle riders are assholes, you know.

Hat tip to Yavor!

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