This Race Between A Nissan 370Z And Flying Men Is Odd But Entertaining

Despite its honking exhaust note, no one can deny that the now-cheaper Nissan 370Z is a fantastic performance bargain. But one question has always dogged me: is it faster than two guys who jump off a mountain wearing wingsuits?


What, you've never wondered about that? Weirdo. Anyway, Nissan finally decided to settle this for, uh, me with a new video that pits a Nismo 370Z against two expert wingsuit flyers as they both go down Switzerland's breathtaking Susten Pass in their own unique ways.

The Z is piloted by 2012 Nissan GT Academy Champion Peter Pyzera, while the lead wingsuit man is world-renowned BASE jumper Dave Barlia, who hits speeds of more than 130 mph as he descends 4,501 feet.

Remember, kids, don't try this at home. Don't come crying to Jalopnik if you break your leg because you jumped off your house with a bedsheet tied to your back trying to beat your buddy's 280ZX Black Gold edition down the street. That's not on us.

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