Tesla Steals Hardware Exec From Apple To Lead Vehicle Development

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Everyone has been wondering exactly if — or when — Apple will get involved in the development of cars besides just touch screens and infotainment systems. Now, at least one automaker will benefit from Apple's expertise: Tesla Motors.


CEO Elon Musk announced today that the company just poached Doug Field, the Vice President of Mac Hardware Engineering at Apple, to be its Vice President of Vehicle Programs. To translate that fancy-dancy title into plain English, Field will lead the development of new Tesla cars.


Field came to Apple from Segway in 2008. He's also a veteran of the auto industry, having been a development engineer at Ford in the 80s and 90s.

Here's what Musk said about the hire in a statement:

“Doug has demonstrated the leadership and technical talent to develop and deliver outstanding products, including what are widely considered the best computers in the world,” said Elon Musk, Tesla co-founder and CEO. “Tesla’s future depends on engineers who can create the most innovative, technologically advanced vehicles in the world. Doug’s experience in both consumer electronics and traditional automotive makes him an important addition to our leadership team.”


Field, for his part, said he never really considered leaving Apple until Tesla came along but he's now proud to be part of what he calls "the high tech auto company in modern history." I would certainly dispute that characterization of Tesla, but hey, it's a good sound byte.

Any thoughts on how Tesla could learn from what Apple does?

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Not surprising. It is downhill for Apple from here. They are already losing marketshare to competitors and the gap keeps increasing. Tesla on the other hand is in the fore front of innovation.