4/30/2023 - Group B Restomod, American Monster in the UK, Supra vs. a Raptor R: The Best Automotive Videos on YouTube This Week

4/29/2023 - SVO-Swapped Datsun 280ZX, Geo Snow Cone Truck, Ford Country Squire: The Dopest Cars I Found for Sale Online

4/28/2023 - Ford's 10-Speed Transmission at the Center of Another Class-Action Lawsuit

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4/28/2023 - Mansory’s Latest Ferrari Mod Masks Slick Paint With a Heap of Carbon Fiber

4/28/2023 - Fast-Acting 7th Grader Saves School Bus After Driver Passes Out

4/28/2023 - Toyota Owners Trade Their Cars for EVs More Than Any Other Brand: Report

4/28/2023 - The Worst Era to Fly Continues According to USDOT Complaints

4/28/2023 - Amazon Drivers in California Won Their Union Fight, But Labor Law Might Hold Them Back

4/28/2023 - Racing Needs More Sponsors Like Victoria's Secret

4/28/2023 - New York's MTA Is Trying Digital Mirrors on Buses to Help Stop Hitting Things

4/28/2023 - Jimmie Johnson Hopes Le Mans' Garage 56 Program Will Introduce More Europeans to American Stock Car Racing

4/28/2023 - Russia Isn’t Leaving the Space Station Anytime Soon

4/28/2023 - JalopRecs | 'Tommy Boy' Is One of the Best Car Comedies of the '90s

4/28/2023 - A Formula 1 Engineer Turned Her Passion for Perfection Into a Career as a Pastry Chef

4/28/2023 - Harley-Davidson Says Repo Worker Shortage to Blame for $52.6 Million Credit Loss in 2023

4/28/2023 - Elon Musk's Statements on Tesla's Self-Driving Capabilities Might Be Deepfakes: Lawyers

4/28/2023 - What’s Your Automotive Blind Spot?

4/28/2023 - Mercedes Insists It's Still the Luxury King in China

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4/28/2023 - Racing Tech | How F1 Sanctions Wind Tunnel Testing for Close Racing

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4/27/2023 - Forza Motorsport's Blind Driving Assists Allow Everyone to Race

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4/27/2023 - How to Watch Formula 1, NASCAR, IndyCar and Everything Else in Racing This Weekend, April 29-30

4/27/2023 - Someone With a Death Wish Made a Fast Trash Can to Break a Land Speed Record

4/27/2023 - Virgin’s Other Space Project Is Back Testing Its Space Plane

4/27/2023 - MotoGP Champ Marc Marquez Fears Early Injury Return Could End His Career

4/27/2023 - Lotus Wants to Redefine SAE Autonomy Levels with the Lotus Eletre

4/27/2023 - Watch FortNine Break Down (Almost) Every Motorcycle Engine Layout

4/27/2023 - The Real Root of the F1 Driver Fernando Alonso and Taylor Swift Dating Rumor Saga

4/27/2023 - People Waiting in Line at a Food Bank Were Given Parking Tickets and Now a Town Is Mad

4/27/2023 - Hertz Is Getting Ready For Hot Rental Car Summer

4/27/2023 - We Relocated From London to California! What Car Should We Buy?

4/27/2023 - Children Forced to Climb Under and Between Train Cars to Get to School: Report

4/27/2023 - Tesla Now Charges Extra For the Yoke

4/27/2023 - Mustang Mach-E Gets the Shelby Tuning Treatment, But Only for Europe

4/27/2023 - McLaren Working on New Hybrid System for its Next Flagship Supercar

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4/26/2023 - I'm Cooking My Way Through the Formula 1 Calendar. What Do You Want to Know?

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4/26/2023 - Your Credit Score and ZIP Code Could Raise Your Insurance Rate by Thousands of Dollars

4/26/2023 - What Car Should You Buy | Trust in the Grandest of Caravans

4/26/2023 - GM CFO Says Its Software Will at Least Be 'Equally as Compelling' as CarPlay

4/26/2023 - Hyundai’s New Steering System May Make Parking Jobs Way Easier

4/26/2023 - Report Finds Half of Those Injured in LA Police Pursuits in the Last 5 Years Were Bystanders

4/26/2023 - Facebook Is Trying to Make Dealers Pay for Car Listings

4/26/2023 - Franz Tost to Step Down as AlphaTauri F1 Team Principal

4/26/2023 - Loose Lug Nuts Cause Ford’s Latest Bronco and Ranger Recall

4/26/2023 - Tesla Violated Labor Laws by Silencing Workers in Florida: NLRB

4/26/2023 - Police Arrest 23-Year-Old With 65 License Suspensions

4/26/2023 - The Honda Prologue Is Just the Beginning For Honda EVs in North America

4/26/2023 - EVs Will Make Up Almost 20 Percent of New Car Sales Globally in 2023: Report

4/26/2023 - Land Rover Finally Gave the Defender 130 a V8

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4/26/2023 - Stellantis Will Buy Out Thousands of Hourly Employees to Cut Costs for EV Making

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4/25/2023 - Formula 1 Introduces New Standalone Sprint Race Format

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4/25/2023 - Traffic Deaths Actually Dropped in 2022

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4/25/2023 - Queensland Passes Strictest 'Anti-Hoon' Laws in Australia

4/25/2023 - Over 40,000 Chevy Trucks Recalled for Fire Risks

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4/24/2023 - AAA Offers Emergency Charging Solution When Your EV Runs Out of Range

4/24/2023 - No, Fernando Alonso and Taylor Swift Are Almost Certainly Not Dating

4/24/2023 - Police Find Adorable Lamb and Over $12,000 Worth of Drugs During Traffic Stop

4/24/2023 - Spectator Brawl Breaks Out on Live WRC Stage

4/24/2023 - Bi-Directional EV Charging May Become a Requirement in California

4/24/2023 - World War II Shipwreck Found After Sinking With 1,000 POWs Onboard

4/24/2023 - EV Range Figures Need to Be as Reliable as MPG Ratings

4/24/2023 - Watch a Passenger Train Tear a Full Car Hauler in Half

4/24/2023 - Editor Fired for Publishing AI Generated Michael Schumacher ‘Interview’

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4/24/2023 - French Demonstrators Build an Actual Cement Wall to Protest New Highway

4/24/2023 - Truck Driver Somehow Survives Two 5,000-LB Poles Smashing Through His Windshield

4/24/2023 - Climate Protesters Delay Formula E Race By Swarming Track

4/24/2023 - What's Your Worst Parking Story?

4/24/2023 - American Airlines Flight Safely Returns to Airport After Bird Strike Causes Fiery Engine Failure

4/24/2023 - These F1 Drivers Avoided a Penalty for Breaking the Rules

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4/21/2023 - LiveWire S2 Del Mar Will Be Among Harley-Davidson’s Cheapest New Motorcycles

4/21/2023 - American Airlines Ground Worker Dies After Service Vehicle Crash in Texas

4/21/2023 - Air India Pilot Brings Female Friend to Cockpit During Flight, Has Her Served Food and Drinks

4/21/2023 - Somehow, A Bobcat Got Stuck in the Grille of a Toyota Corolla

4/21/2023 - Maserati Is Hedging Its Bets, Won't Go All EV Just Yet

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4/21/2023 - Nissan Rogue, Pathfinder and Infiniti QX60 Recalled for Dangerous Seats

4/21/2023 - The Suzuki XL-7 Managed to Fit Seven Seats in a Compact SUV Body

4/21/2023 - Uber Will Deactivate Driver Accounts It Suspects Are Fraudulent

4/21/2023 - Melissa Paris Was ‘Lost’ Until She Found Competitive Motorcycle Riding

4/21/2023 - Attorneys General in 18 States Want Kias and Hyundais Recalled Because They're so Easy to Steal

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4/19/2023 - Ramón Rodríguez’s First Car Was a $200 Mustang Called 'Death Trap'

4/19/2023 - Mini Might Make an EV in North America: Report

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4/19/2023 - Audi to Test 2026 Formula 1 Power Unit by End of 2023

4/19/2023 - Jaguar’s Next Electric Car Will be a $125,000 Four-Door GT

4/19/2023 - Hyundai Canada Pleads Guilty to Safety Violation Claims

4/19/2023 - Some of the Coolest Bikes at the 2023 Handbuilt Motorcycle Show

4/19/2023 - The Updated, Gorgeous Hyundai Elantra N Is Confirmed For The U.S.

4/19/2023 - Tesla Insurance Really Doesn't Want You To Drive At Night

4/19/2023 - Stellantis Is Recalling Over 130,000 Ram Pickups for an Engine Software Issue

4/19/2023 - Parking Garage Collapses In Manhattan Leaving One Dead, Five Injured

4/19/2023 - Toyota’s EV Crossover Concepts Are the New Normal

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4/18/2023 - Woman Seeks Damages After Repo Company Tries to Take Her Car, Involves Police

4/18/2023 - BMW Recalls 2023 X5 Because of Faulty Headrests

4/18/2023 - You'll Never Guess Which Automaker (Tesla) Has the Most Expected Recalls

4/18/2023 - Congress Will Not Let Ford's Michigan Battery Plant Go

4/18/2023 - A Canadian Black Bear Broke into a Car and Drank 69 Cans of Soda

4/18/2023 - Sheetz is Lowering its E85 Price to $1.85 Per Gallon Through April

4/18/2023 - California Driver Somehow Crashed Their Car Into the Second Story of a House

4/18/2023 - Jalopnik Takes on the Tuner Dungeon Challenge at NYIAS

4/18/2023 - Subaru Recalls Nearly 4,500 Ascents for Improperly Mounted Tires

4/18/2023 - Honda's EV Vision for China Is the Same SUV Three Times and Maybe a Sedan

4/18/2023 - Chinese Tesla Workers Who Elon Musk Praised Apparently Deserve Less Money This Year

4/18/2023 - Teenage World Record-Setter Chloe Chambers Is Taking on the Porsche Sprint Challenge

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4/18/2023 - Tesla Confirms Automated Driving Systems Were Engaged During Fatal Crash

4/18/2023 - Southwest Asks FAA to Issue Nationwide Ground Stop on its Flights

4/18/2023 - The 2024 Lexus LM Has a Face That Maybe Only a Dentist Could Love

4/18/2023 - Polestar 4 Has No Rear Window to Make It Safer, Says Polestar

4/18/2023 - Hyundai and AAA Partnering to Offer Insurance Coverage for Owners Affected by Thefts

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4/17/2023 - The Latest Train Derailment Started a Forest Fire

4/17/2023 - New Car Smell May Actually Increase Your Risk of Cancer

4/17/2023 - Who's Dreaming of Autonomous Construction Vehicles? Likely Not the Construction Workers

4/17/2023 - Daytime Running Lights Reduce Risk of Car Crashes By About Nine Percent

4/17/2023 - Ford Is Working on a 500-HP V8 Mustang Raptor for 2026, Report Says

4/17/2023 - Oregon Man Throws $100 Bills on Highway, Chaos Ensues

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4/17/2023 - Autonomous Vehicles Need to Learn How to Deal with Aggressive Drivers

4/17/2023 - Canada to Transfer Stranded Russian-Owned Antonov An-124 to Ukraine

4/17/2023 - I Don't Know How Pedestrians Are Going to See Skoda's Grille Warnings in Time

4/17/2023 - Smart #3 Is a Further Departure From the Brand's Tiny Car Roots

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4/16/2023 - Lexus LFA Review, Jay Leno in an Escalade-V, A 1,300-HP Civic: The Best Automotive Videos on YouTube This Week

4/15/2023 - Ducati SportClassic, Yenko Camaro, Ford Surveillance Van: The Dopest Cars I Found for Sale Online

4/14/2023 - Motorcycle Airbag Systems Are Rad, and Donut’s Gonna Show You Why

4/14/2023 - Europe’s Juice Spacecraft Began 8-Year Flight to Jupiter’s Moons

4/14/2023 - Alaska Airlines Cancels Flights to Anchorage Due to Russian Volcanic Ash

4/14/2023 - Massive 230-Car Barn Find in the Netherlands Is Going to Auction

4/14/2023 - Electric Bentleys Will Have Up to Twice As Much Power as Its W12s

4/14/2023 - Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown's Hong Kong Island Looks Like a Lovely Place for a Drive

4/14/2023 - Two 109-Year-Old Shipwrecks Discovered in Michigan

4/14/2023 - Land Rover Recalls 500 Range Rovers Over Faulty Seat Welds

4/14/2023 - Fernando Alonso Isn't Nearly Done Yet

4/14/2023 - Land Rover Recalls 5 Range Rover Sports for Turn Signals That Are Too Good

4/14/2023 - Someone Stole at Least $100,000 in Dimes Out of a Truck

4/14/2023 - Port of San Diego Rewrites Parking Rules to Kick Out Vanlifers

4/14/2023 - The Largest Land Vehicles Ever Built

4/14/2023 - The MTA Seized 63 Vehicles From Persistent Toll Evaders in New York

4/14/2023 - Police Tasered Elderly Driver Stopped After Going 3 MPH Over Speed Limit, Says Lawsuit

4/14/2023 - Let’s All Take a Minute To Appreciate the 2001-2003 VW Beetle RSi

4/14/2023 - Cybertruck’s Big Dumb Wiper Wipes as Good as It Looks

4/14/2023 - Electric Big-Rigs Are Expected to Match Diesels on Running Costs by 2030

4/14/2023 - What’s Your Dream Automotive Pilgrimage?

4/14/2023 - Americans Are Really Into Jeep's Plug-In Hybrid Wrangler

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4/13/2023 - Why Retired Planes Are Still Worth Millions After Decades in the Sky

4/13/2023 - 100th Anniversary Alfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio Quadrifoglio Get a Little Extra Power

4/13/2023 - Don't Worry, Caterham's New Headquarters Can Make 750 New Sevens Per Year

4/13/2023 - How to Watch Long Beach, MotoGP at COTA and Everything Else in Racing This Weekend, April 14-16

4/13/2023 - Cheap Tires Still Aren't as Good as Name Brand Tires

4/13/2023 - Toyota Drops More Details About Its Crown Sedan, Estate and SUV Lineup

4/13/2023 - SUVs Are Even Killing Pablo Escobar’s Hippo Now

4/13/2023 - Massive Rain Storm Floods Fort Lauderdale, Leaving Cars Stranded in the Streets

4/13/2023 - 2024 Subaru Impreza: Your Questions, Answered

4/13/2023 - Yes, Your Big Vehicles Are Incredibly Dangerous for Cyclists: IIHS

4/13/2023 - The NYPD Loves Parking on Sidewalks at the Expense of Everyone Else

4/13/2023 - You Can Buy a Lightyear Automotive Prototype in a Fire Sale Auction

4/13/2023 - Zoox Swears Its 'Self-Certified' Robotaxis Exceed Federal Safety Standards

4/13/2023 - These Are the 15 Deadliest Intersections in the United States

4/13/2023 - Mike Hailwood's 1960 Ducati Race Bike Is Headed To Auction

4/13/2023 - The Aston Martin DBS 770 Looks Even Better Without its Roof

4/13/2023 - Alleged Smooth Criminal Posts 133 MPH Speed Run in a 1970 Chevy Nova on Social Media

4/13/2023 - New Cars Are Finally Selling Below Sticker

4/13/2023 - The 15 Non-Hybrid New Cars That Get the Best Fuel Mileage

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4/13/2023 - Harley-Davidson Shares Slide as Finance Boss Announces Exit

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4/13/2023 - Craig Breen, WRC Driver for Hyundai Motorsport, Killed in Testing Crash

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4/12/2023 - Waymo Cars Don’t Work In Heavy Fog

4/12/2023 - Lucky Guy's Budget Flight Turns Into a Private Jet When No Other Passengers Show Up

4/12/2023 - A Spacecraft Called 'Juice' Is Heading to Jupiter's Moons

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4/12/2023 - Industry Expert Explains Why Flying Sucks Now

4/12/2023 - Federal Court Rules Honking Your Horn Is Not Protected Free Speech

4/12/2023 - 12-Year-Old Florida Girl Stole Dad's Car, Drove 400 Miles to Meet Online Friend

4/12/2023 - iRacing's Next Console Game Is a Futuristic Off-Road Arcade Racer

4/12/2023 - Missing Woman Found Alive After Spending Hours in Submerged Jeep

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4/12/2023 - Tow Company Accused of Auctioning Vehicles Belonging to Deployed Service Members Settles Lawsuit

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4/11/2023 - Google Maps Will Finally Be Useful in State Parks

4/11/2023 - The 2024 Hyundai Kona EV Gets a Segment-Best 247 Miles of Range

4/11/2023 - Sea-Tac’s New $1 Billion Terminal Was Accidentally Built a Little Smaller

4/11/2023 - The 2024 BMW XM Label Red Is the Most Powerful Production BMW Ever With 738 HP

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4/11/2023 - The 2024 Kia Seltos Starts at Just Over $26,000

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4/11/2023 - Vanity License Plate Sold at Auction for World Record $15 Million in Dubai

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4/11/2023 - Oil Company Building First Large-Scale Carbon Capture Plant in Order to Keep Drilling

4/11/2023 - Stop Showing Up at Charles Leclerc's Apartment

4/11/2023 - Italy Wants to Build The World's Longest Suspension Bridge to Sicily

4/11/2023 - How China Built a Domestic Airliner With Potentially Stolen American Expertise

4/11/2023 - Truck Crashes While Transporting 40,000 Pounds of Toxic Soil from East Palestine, Ohio

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4/11/2023 - An Uncontacted Tribe Is One of the Latest Casualties in Race to Build EVs

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4/10/2023 - Over 2,000 Railroad Workers Filed Safety Complaints Over the Last 10 Years: Report

4/10/2023 - Jeep That Hit Detroit House Might Have Been the Only Thing Still Holding It Up

4/10/2023 - UK Experts Think Heavy EVs Might Cause the Collapse of Old Parking Garages

4/10/2023 - NASA Is Now Tracking Air Pollution From Space

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4/10/2023 - Nobody Likes Paying More Than Sticker Price, For Some Reason

4/10/2023 - Kia Soul EVs Recalled for Fire Risk in Their High-Voltage Battery

4/10/2023 - Teacher Allegedly Rents Toyota Supra on Turo to Compete in Land Speed Record Competition

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4/7/2023 - The Renault R5 Turbo 3E Is the Electric Rally Car the FIA Won't Let Renault Race

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4/7/2023 - Faulty Army-Issued Parachute Responsible for Soldiers Being Sucked Out of Aircraft: Lawsuit

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4/7/2023 - Watch Parrots Mess With Traffic Cones at a New Zealand Construction Site

4/7/2023 - Tesla Model 3 Recalled for Loose Suspension Bolts

4/7/2023 - New York City Refuses to Stop People from Parking in Bike Lanes

4/7/2023 - Leaky Faucets in Boeing 787 Dreamliner Bathrooms Could Short-Circuit the Plane: FAA

4/7/2023 - Rivian Adds a New Mid-Range Drivetrain to the R1T and R1S

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4/7/2023 - Wisconsin DOT Just Put 107 Years' Worth of Vintage Road Maps Online

4/7/2023 - Congressional Black Caucus Urges Feds to End Traffic Stops for 'Driving While Black'

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4/5/2023 - Ohio Distracted Driving Law Aims to Keep Phones Out of Drivers' Hands

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4/5/2023 - The 2023 Mercedes-AMG C 43 Starts at $61,050, Gets Standard Rear-Steer

4/5/2023 - 2024 Kia EV9 Electric Three-Row SUV Promises 300 Miles of Battery Range in the U.S.

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4/4/2023 - Son of Former Car-Company Chairman Says Building More Bike Lanes Is 'The Height of Stupidity'

4/4/2023 - Tesla Ordered to Pay $3.2 Million to Black Former Factory Employee Over Workplace Racism

4/4/2023 - Tesla's Big Discounts Worked, Sort Of

4/4/2023 - Amtrak's Scenic Adirondack Route Is Back, But Moving Slower

4/4/2023 - Richard Branson’ Virgin Orbit Files for Bankruptcy

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4/4/2023 - As Tennessee Welcomes Ford's BlueOval City, Some Black Farmers Say They Are Getting Left Out

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