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What's Your Worst Parking Story?

There's always that one person... parked across two parking spots like it was their birthright.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Student drivers do it. Racing drivers do it. Truckers do it. Valets get paid to do it. We all do it. We all have to park our cars at some point. Some vehicles have the capability to park themselves, but technology can’t eliminate the need to park. Parking is a universal experience for drivers, and it can be the worst aspect of driving.

Today, I’m asking what is your worst parking story? Have you ever ended up in a shouting match over a parking spot? Have you ever gone the wrong way in a parking garage’s one-way maze? Have you ever run into someone who used two parking spots at once like it was their birthright? Do you end up fighting a parking ticket over confusing street restrictions? Have you ever squeezed your car in a spot so tight that you had to climb out of the sunroof? If it happened in a parking garage or out by a curb, I want to hear it all.


Last week, there were a pair of extreme parking disasters. A parking garage in Manhattan’s Financial District collapsed, killing one of the six employees inside. It is speculated that the combined weight of the vehicles on the upper floors caused the collapse. On the other side of things, two teenage cheerleaders were shot in a supermarket parking lot in Elgin, Texas after one mistakenly tried to get into the wrong car. One teenager was seriously injured.

While I do hope that no one was harmed in your worst parking story, please don’t hesitate to share your ordeals down below in the comments section.