Rare Breed BX, a luxury sportswear brand that specializes in crafting customizable jerseys, seemed like a perfect fit for this year’s Montreal Grand Prix merch drop. Standard jerseys (shown at the top of this story) will come in at $200, while custom jerseys will clock in at $300 and will allow you to choose any name or number you want on the back of the jersey. Gabe “Starky” Stark of Rare Breed BX is stoked that this collaboration with TG1F will help the company broach the F1 market, and for TG1F, this partnership has enabled them to satisfy one of their most sought-after merch requests: jerseys for the Canadian Grand Prix.


(And, if I’m honest, I once paid $250 for a Mercedes sweater I didn’t even really want because it was the only thing I could find at the merch stand during an unexpectedly cold U.S. Grand Prix. A sweater that did not suit my tastes in the slightest and that was of mediocre quality at best.)

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Image: Riley Girmann via Two Girls 1 Formula

The price tag is well worth it when you consider that these limited-edition jerseys (and seriously, we’re talking ultra limited edition; only 25 are going to be made) are all hand-stitched and made in the USA. The waitlist is open for fans keen on grabbing one of their own, but TG1F has been leading the way in the fan-friendly merch field since the podcast’s inception; if you’re looking for cute F1 merchandise that will kick off a conversation and isn’t a tragically gaudy ultra-sponsored race team polo, this is the place to grab your gear.

“We live in a world where ‘if-you-know-you-know’ merch is at an all time high: Products that look like one thing, but take a fan to understand the true meaning, ” TG1F’s co-hosts told us at Jalopnik. “Our BOX BOX BOX hats are a perfect example. For people who haven’t watched Formula 1 before, they won’t see any meaning to the hats. But for fans of the sport, it’ll be an instant conversation starter. That’s what we wanted to do with these jerseys. At a first glance, these are hockey jerseys with fun patches and an exciting design. But for F1 fans, they’ll know the meaning behind every aspect and have a super unique, fun piece of F1 merchandise that hasn’t been done before.”