The F1 Exhibition sounds like a fascinating deep-dive into the history of the sport, with areas dedicated to Formula 1’s history, its drivers and the design of the cars that compete in it. There’s also a “survival” room, which is where you can see the charred remains of Romain Grosjean’s Haas racer.


According to Sports Illustrated, the real star of the exhibition is the gift shop, where you can pick up all manner of F1-related tat. One piece that’s sparked fury among fans is a mug emblazoned with a quote from team radio.

What quote could have angered fans in such a way, I hear you ask. Well, it is of course “No Michael, No,” which was screamed by Wolff in Abu Dhabi. Of course, people are already up in arms about the merch, with one Twitter user saying that Formula 1 is “rubbing their bare-faced corruption in our faces.”

A photo of Toto Wolff at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.
On the phone with the boss.
Photo: Irwen Song ATPImages (Getty Images)

Would you agree with those sentiments, or is it just a case of the sport trying to capitalize one one of the most iconic radio moments in recent history?


Whatever you believe, we can all agree that the mug is pretty naff. The transfer of the radio graphic and Wolff’s quote don’t even match up with the color of the rest of the mug. Heck, I’m pretty sure even I could design a better mug featuring this quite in a matter of minutes.