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Police Find Adorable Lamb and Over $12,000 Worth of Drugs During Traffic Stop

There was a little lamb, plus several grams of blow.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

In what might be the most Scottish drug bust of all time, Glasgow Road Police pulled over a vehicle on the freeway and found a lamb plus thousands of dollars worth of drugs in the car.

In case you missed it:

Police stopped the car heading north on the M74 motorway on Saturday. Inside they found three unnamed people and an equally unnamed lamb. The baby sheep wasn’t the only thing in the car white as snow. From Vice:

Heroin with an estimated value of £7,000 and cocaine worth £3,000 was discovered by officers, as well as the lamb – whose identity is unknown at this time.

A spokesperson for Police Scotland spokesperson said in a statement: “Around 18:10 BST on Saturday, 22 April, 2023, officers stopped a car on the M74 northbound carriageway, near junction 3.

“The three occupants of the vehicle were arrested and a search of the car was carried out with assistance from the dog unit. PD [Police Dog] Billy entered the car and indicated drugs were present.

“Two men, aged 52 and 53 and one woman, aged 38, were arrested and charged with drugs offences. They have been reported to the procurator fiscal.”


The Road Police also posted this tweet, which noted the lamb as “wee” and featured the also very cute dog that busted the humans in the car for drugs:


Billy the dog is a cutie, for narc.

It’s so sad to see young people falling in with the wrong crowd. First it’s drug running, and then what? Armed robbery? Tax evasion? Who knows! Luckily, A local farmer took the lamb in, and, hopefully, they’ll be able to keep the little guy on the straight and narrow.