1/31/2023 - The Forza Motorsport Reboot Looks Spectacular

1/31/2023 - The World's Richest Man Is Helping Lotus Go Public

1/31/2023 - Farewell 10th-Gen Accord: Driving Dynamics

1/31/2023 - Design Your Dream $65,000 Toy Car With the Baby Bugatti Configurator

1/31/2023 - The 2023 Porsche 911 Dakar Exceeds My Wildest Expectations

1/31/2023 - Minnesota Dealers Fail to Convince Court that Clean Car Rules Are a California Takeover

1/31/2023 - Farewell 10th-Gen Accord: Features and Styling

1/31/2023 - NHTSA Investigates Kia Telluride for Busted High-Beam Headlights

1/31/2023 - Tesla Lost $140 Million on Bitcoin in 2022

1/31/2023 - NYC's Brand New $11 Billion Train Terminal Misspelled Georgia O'Keeffe's Name

1/31/2023 - Exxon Made $6.3 Million Every Hour in 2022

1/31/2023 - Wife in California Tesla Crash Tells Rescuers Husband 'Intentionally Tried to Kill Us' [Update]

1/31/2023 - U.S. DOJ Wants Tesla to Hand Over Autopilot, Full Self-Driving Documents

1/31/2023 - Haas F1 Has No Intentions of Cutting Ties With Ferrari

1/31/2023 - Even Low-Mileage Teslas Are Often Too Expensive to Fix

1/31/2023 - Volkswagen Won’t Cut Its EV Prices to Match Tesla

1/31/2023 - NHTSA Is Looking at 1.9 Million Ford Explorers for Windshield Trim That Comes Flying Off

1/31/2023 - 2024 Mercedes-Benz GLE Looks Basically the Same, Adds New Tech and Plug-In Hybrid

1/31/2023 - What's a Weird Local Traffic Quirk Where You Live?

1/31/2023 - Tesla's Price Cuts Have Riled Its Newest Customers

1/31/2023 - The 2024 Mazda CX-90 Is a Big, Beautiful SUV Built Like a Sport Sedan

1/31/2023 - Rio Tinto Says Sorry for Dropping a Radioactive Capsule in the Australian Outback

1/31/2023 - These Are the Cars That Spell Financial Ruin to You

1/31/2023 - These Are the Best Jam Handy Engineering Explanation Videos of All Time

1/31/2023 - Watch a Painstakingly Thorough Video Tour of the C8 Corvette Production Line

1/31/2023 - At $7,400, Is This 1993 Mercury Capri XR2 a First Class Also-Ran?

1/30/2023 - The Dodge Nitro Was Just a Worse Jeep Liberty

1/30/2023 - The First 2024 Ford Mustang Sold For $565,000 at Auction

1/30/2023 - The Honda CR-Z Was a Great Idea in the Wrong Package

1/30/2023 - San Francisco Is Sick of Cruise and Waymo Clogging Up the Streets

1/30/2023 - The Average Used-Car Loan Interest Rate Is Over 12 Percent and You People Are Stressing Me Out

1/30/2023 - Acura Kicks Off IMSA's New GTP Era With 1-2 Finish at the Rolex 24 at Daytona

1/30/2023 - Cops Tow Vehicles and Hand Out Tickets at Freedom Convoy's Anniversary Gathering

1/30/2023 - Volvo Group Ordered to Pay $130 Million Fine for Recall Delays in the U.S.

1/30/2023 - This Is Your Chance to Own an Incredibly Rare Spyker C8 Spyder

1/30/2023 - Audi Buys Into Sauber F1 Team Ahead of 2026 Entry

1/30/2023 - BMW Recalls EVs Because They’re Too Quiet

1/30/2023 - Watch the Gordon Murray T.50 Slide Through the Snow

1/30/2023 - A Detroit Reporter Invented the Term 'Carjacking' to Describe a New Kind of Crime Wave

1/30/2023 - The Case For Ending All Traffic Stops

1/30/2023 - Lincoln Will Pay Buyers $5,000 to Wait for the Navigator

1/30/2023 - Jeep to Settle ‘Death Wobble’ Suit with Wrangler, Gladiator Owners

1/30/2023 - It Took 6,000 Gallons of Water to Extinguish This Burning Tesla

1/30/2023 - What’s Your Favorite Sports Prototype Race Car of All Time?

1/30/2023 - Jenson Button and Jimmie Johnson to Race NASCAR’s Le Mans Camaro

1/30/2023 - Toyota Took 2022 Global Sales Crown Without Selling More Cars

1/30/2023 - Ford Follows Tesla, Slashes Mach-E Prices Across the Board

1/30/2023 - Watch NASA Test a 3D-Printed Rocket Engine Made for Deep Space Travel

1/30/2023 - Here Are Your Favorite Automotive Specialty Tools

1/30/2023 - These Are Jalopnik's Automotive Goals for 2023

1/30/2023 - I Don't Want to Drive Internal Combustion Cars Anymore

1/30/2023 - At $15,000, Could This 2013 Chevy Tahoe SSV Put You in the Spotlight?

1/28/2023 - Kawasaki KZ900, Nissan Stagea, Toyota Corona: The Dopest Cars I Found for Sale Online

1/27/2023 - Driver Hits Conor McGregor On Bicycle, Gives Him a Ride Home

1/27/2023 - A Suzuki Jimny EV Is Part of Suzuki's Plan for World Domination by 2030

1/27/2023 - A BMW 2002 Saved Harry Hamlin's Life

1/27/2023 - Chevrolet Reveals Its First Corvette GT3 Racer, the Z06 GT3.R

1/27/2023 - Firefighters Still Aren't Sure How to Quickly Defeat EV Fires

1/27/2023 - Genesis Is Coming for the Bentley Continental, of All Things: Report

1/27/2023 - According to Bob: Don't Rush Out to Buy a New Car Just Yet

1/27/2023 - Truck Drops Deadly Radioactive Pill Somewhere in the Australian Outback

1/27/2023 - Biden's New Pollution Laws Have a Giant Loophole for Heavy Trucks

1/27/2023 - Elon Musk Says Upgrading Autopilot Hardware on Older Teslas Is 'Not Feasible'

1/27/2023 - The 2024 Polestar 2 Will Go Farther and Faster

1/27/2023 - Car Buyers Would Rather Pre-Order New Vehicles Even Though They Increasingly Think It Sucks

1/27/2023 - Alfa Romeo Planning BMW 5 Series Competitor Because That's Important These Days

1/27/2023 - Plane Landing on Top of Semi Trailer Would Have Been Really Cool if It Worked

1/27/2023 - Goodyear Under Federal Investigation Over Defective RV Tires

1/27/2023 - Ford Recalls 462,000 Cars for Broken Rear-View Cameras

1/27/2023 - New Ferrari Team Principal Considering Strategy Department Changes

1/27/2023 - My Mitsubishi i-MiEV Is a Secret Track Weapon

1/27/2023 - 'Jay Leno’s Garage' Cancelled by CNBC After Seven Seasons: Report

1/27/2023 - What Car Do You Want, But Would Ruin You Financially?

1/27/2023 - Akio Toyoda May Have Lost the Job Title, But He's Still the Guy

1/27/2023 - Jay Leno Breaks Several Bones in Vintage Motorcycle Accident: Report

1/27/2023 - These Are the Fastest Production Cars to Lap the Nürburgring

1/27/2023 - These New Cars Are Hurt By Their Past Unreliable Reputations

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1/27/2023 - This Traffic Narc Is a One Man Army Fighting NYC’s 'Ghost Cars'

1/27/2023 - At $15,000, Is This 2005 Jaguar XK8 a Superb Deal?

1/26/2023 - Zero Motorcycles Is Offering Riders EV Incentives Because the Federal Government Won’t

1/26/2023 - Honda Is Getting Serious About Electric Vehicles

1/26/2023 - Why Somalia Has Air Traffic Control for the First Time Since the 1990s

1/26/2023 - The Acura Integra Type S Will Lead the Rolex 24 at Daytona

1/26/2023 - Report Claims Toyota Plans To Sell a Sporty GRMN Prius

1/26/2023 - Audi’s Activesphere Concept Is for a Future Where We Don’t Need Roads

1/26/2023 - The Feds Think Southwest Scheduled Too Many Flights During 2022's Travel Meltdown

1/26/2023 - How Much of Forza Motorsport Is Actually 'Built From the Ground Up?'

1/26/2023 - Packard Auto Plant Is the Largest Abandoned Factory in the World. It's Finally Coming Down

1/26/2023 - Be the King of the Road in this LT4-Powered 1997 Chevrolet Camaro SS 30th Anniversary Edition

1/26/2023 - Amsterdam’s New $65M Underwater Bike Garage Isn’t Even the Biggest in the Netherlands

1/26/2023 - California Wants to Ban Chrome Plating

1/26/2023 - I Salute Akio Toyoda, Who Knew He Could Do This and Still Have Fun

1/26/2023 - There's a Yoko Ono Tweet Engraved on the Wall of NYC's New Train Station

1/26/2023 - What Happened When a Startup Tried to Bring an AI Chatbot to Traffic Court

1/26/2023 - I'm New-Car Shopping and Overwhelmed by Choice! What Should I Buy?

1/26/2023 - Waymo Lays Off a Number of Employees As Autonomous Tech Hits Roadblock

1/26/2023 - I'm Shocked to Report Tesla Cybertruck Mass Production Is Delayed Again

1/26/2023 - What’s Your Favorite Specialty Tool for Working on Your Car?

1/26/2023 - People Are Mad New Hampshire Is Considering a Ban on Driving with Pets in Your Lap

1/26/2023 - Lyft, Like Uber, Will Now Charge You for Making Drivers Wait

1/26/2023 - Akio Toyoda Has Decided It’s Time to Move On

1/26/2023 - These Are the Most Average New Cars

1/26/2023 - These Are the Biggest Rocket Engines of All Time

1/26/2023 - These Robots Go Into Fukushima Daiichi So People Don’t Have To

1/26/2023 - At $6,800, Is This 1972 Volvo 145 Worth its Weight in Patina?

1/25/2023 - Tesla Touchscreens Could Get Physical Buttons Thanks to the Aftermarket

1/25/2023 - Forza Motorsport Looks Fantastic, But the Release Date's Still Up in the Air

1/25/2023 - Driving 100 Miles in an EV Is Now More Expensive Than in an ICE

1/25/2023 - The Car That Got Me Into Cars: Steve and the Datsun Z

1/25/2023 - The Porsche Vision 357 Concept Is Proud to Be a Dinosaur

1/25/2023 - The Tesla Model Y Is $500 More Than When It Was $13,000 Less

1/25/2023 - NASCAR Should Show off Its Tech if It Wants to Attract New Fans

1/25/2023 - What Car Should You Buy: Too Many Kids For the Stick-Shift Sedan

1/25/2023 - Tata Stopped Porsche From Using the 'Safari' Name on the 911 Dakar

1/25/2023 - Lithium Mining for EVs Could Destroy the Planet if We Don't Change Our Car-Centric Ways: Report

1/25/2023 - Toyota Only Expects to Sell 10,000 bZ4Xs This Year

1/25/2023 - The Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid Is Being Recalled Because Its Engine Shuts Off While Driving

1/25/2023 - Climate Change Could Be Ruining the Monte Carlo Rally

1/25/2023 - Alpina’s Most Powerful Car Ever Is a 200 MPH Wagon

1/25/2023 - Michael Andretti Wants to Win Le Mans During Fight to Enter F1

1/25/2023 - Large Hadron Collider Tech Might Help Self-Driving Cars "See" the Road

1/25/2023 - Carvana Settles Dispute with Illinois After Its Dealer License Was Revoked Twice

1/25/2023 - Australian Airliner Turns Back During 3-Hour Flight Over Incomplete Paperwork

1/25/2023 - What New Cars Are Hurt By Their Past Unreliable Reputations?

1/25/2023 - Ferrari Really Wants You to Hear the Wail of its EVs

1/25/2023 - Consumer Reports Isn't So Impressed With Tesla's Autopilot Anymore

1/25/2023 - Joe Manchin Pushes Bill to End Current EV Tax Credit Grace Period

1/25/2023 - The 2022 Honda Accord Is as Great Now as It Ever Was

1/25/2023 - California Wants to Make EV Charging Stations Suck Less

1/25/2023 - The 15 Greatest Motorsport Liveries of All Time, Ranked

1/25/2023 - Acura Will Skip New Hybrids and Transition Straight to EVs

1/25/2023 - At $17,000, Is This 1990 Ford F350 Centurion the Deal of the Century?

1/24/2023 - Airport Worker Sucked Into Jet Engine Was Repeatedly Warned to Stand Back

1/24/2023 - Fewer New-Car Leases Means Disaster for the Used-Car Market

1/24/2023 - Infiniti Is Trying to Make Black Paint Interesting

1/24/2023 - The EU Approves Funding for Wind-Powered Car Carrier

1/24/2023 - 2024 BMW M3 CS Is the Hardest-Core Four-Door

1/24/2023 - Recycling the World's Largest Passenger Plane Is a Big Job

1/24/2023 - Insurance Companies Are Refusing to Cover Hyundais and Kias As Thefts Continue (Update)

1/24/2023 - Why Every Tesla Is Getting a Heat Pump

1/24/2023 - Stephen A. Smith Nearly Died in a Mercury Topaz

1/24/2023 - Every F1 Driver Will Have a Helmet Cam This Season

1/24/2023 - A Dealer’s Camera System Helps it Beat Claims of Damage

1/24/2023 - This Influencer’s Rezvani Video Is Even More Cringeworthy Than the Vengeance Itself

1/24/2023 - Tire Dust Is the ‘DDT Of Our Generation’

1/24/2023 - 2024 Polestar 2 Adds More Power and 300-Mile Range

1/24/2023 - Honda Is Playing Catch-Up With New EV Division

1/24/2023 - Firefighters Chased Down a Burning ‘Ghost Train’ in Germany

1/24/2023 - Porsche's $7,000 Roof Tent Makes Camping Not Suck

1/24/2023 - Car-Jitsu Could Actually Be Good Training

1/24/2023 - What Is the Most Average-Looking New Car?

1/24/2023 - These Automakers Can't Quite Hold Onto Their First-Time Buyers

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1/24/2023 - A Suzuki Hayabusa With a Rear Track Proves Everything Is Better With ’Busa

1/24/2023 - The 2023 Honda Pilot TrailSport Is a Family SUV For Light Off-Roading

1/24/2023 - At $13,999, Is This 1950 Studebaker Champion a Winning Deal?

1/23/2023 - Norwegian Cruise Line Refuses to Transport EVs, Hybrids Due to Fire Concerns

1/23/2023 - The Saturn Ion Kinda Looks... Good?

1/23/2023 - 2024 Kia EV9 Could Have Up to 400 Horsepower: Report

1/23/2023 - I'm Not Ready for Three-Row Trucks

1/23/2023 - Geely Wants London Electric Vehicle Company to Build a Lot More Than Just Black Cabs

1/23/2023 - F1 Track Fined Over Noise Complaints After Letting 2013 V8 Car Run Laps

1/23/2023 - This Is Why EV Rental Is Surprisingly Expensive

1/23/2023 - The Dodge Avenger's Marketing Totally Worked on a Young Andy

1/23/2023 - C9 Corvette Planned for 2028 With Mid-Mounted Small Block in Tow: Report

1/23/2023 - UK Study Shows COVID-19 Air Travel Restrictions Failed to Keep the Virus Out of the Country

1/23/2023 - Flying Last Year Sucked. Expect More of the Same in 2023

1/23/2023 - How a Hacker Unearthed the TSA No-Fly List

1/23/2023 - Here's How You Can Help Tesla Owners Who Forgot to Plug Their Car In

1/23/2023 - Traffic Cameras in New York Are Listening for Illegally Loud Vehicles

1/23/2023 - Cool Car Colors Are Making a (Small) Come Back

1/23/2023 - A Version of the GMC Sierra 3500 HD Now Starts at Over $100,000

1/23/2023 - People Aren’t Leasing Cars, and It’s Killing the Used Market

1/23/2023 - Can Parking Garages Be Beautiful?

1/23/2023 - How Does a BMW Grille Look So Good on a Mazda6?

1/23/2023 - Bentley Celebrates its 2020 Bathurst Win With Two (2) Special Edition Continental GTs

1/23/2023 - Tesla Can Slash its Prices Because its Cars Are So Cheap to Build

1/23/2023 - NHTSA Says You Must Have Been Imagining That Exhaust Smell in Your Ford Explorer

1/23/2023 - Automakers Brought the Heat at the 2023 Tokyo Auto Salon

1/23/2023 - Flood-Damaged Cars From California Are About To Hit The Used Market

1/23/2023 - Icy, Dirty Roads Can't Keep the Good Vibes Breakfast Club Down

1/23/2023 - At $11,500, Will This 1992 BMW 325ic Prove the Ultimate Cruising Machine?

1/20/2023 - IMSA's Pit Lane Is Going to Sound Very Different This Year

1/20/2023 - British Prime Minister Fined for Not Wearing a Seatbelt in an Instagram Post

1/20/2023 - Porsche Is Retrofitting New Infotainment Into Old Models From the Early 2000s

1/20/2023 - Ducati 749, Renault Fuego, Volkswagen Rabbit: The Dopest Cars I Found for Sale Online

1/20/2023 - GM Is Investing Almost $1 Billion in New V8 Engines

1/20/2023 - These Are the Cars the Jalopnik Staff Is Most Looking Forward to Driving in 2023

1/20/2023 - Saudi Arabia Tried to Buy F1 for $20 Billion

1/20/2023 - Here Are the Wildest Tuner Cars at Tokyo Auto Salon 2023

1/20/2023 - How Did Toyota End Up So Far Behind on Electric Vehicles?

1/20/2023 - Have You Seen Dmitry Mazepin's Vanishing Yachts, Because Italy Would Love to Know

1/20/2023 - Everyone Will Know Your Cadillac Is a Blackwing Now

1/20/2023 - These Are the Weirdest One-Off Cars Ever Built

1/20/2023 - Someone Please Buy and Then Actually Drive This 37-Mile 1979 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am

1/20/2023 - Wyoming Lawmaker Admits EV Ban Proposal Was Just a Stupid Stunt

1/20/2023 - Uber Wants Cheaper EVs Made Just For Ride-Sharing

1/20/2023 - Nissan Finally Fixed the Z's Face, But Only For Japan

1/20/2023 - Emails Show Elon Musk Was Directly Involved In Staged Self-Driving Video

1/20/2023 - Don't Let Tesla's Stock Downturn Distract You From Lucid and Rivian's Falls

1/20/2023 - GM Might Get Into the Compact Pickup Game — With an EV

1/20/2023 - Ride Along in the 2024 Corvette E-Ray on Track

1/20/2023 - That Massive Air Travel Outage Was All Because Of One Contractor

1/20/2023 - What Car Was Worth Waiting For?

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1/19/2023 - NASA and Boeing Are Working Together to Make Planes More Efficient

1/19/2023 - The Lancia Ypsilon's New Green Is a Good Green

1/19/2023 - Unstoppable Is a Non-Stop Thrill Ride about a Runaway Train

1/19/2023 - Flipper Fails Spectacularly Trying to Sell 2023 Honda Civic Type R on Cars & Bids

1/19/2023 - Watch a Farm Tractor Lead Cops on a 20-MPH Chase Through Boone, North Carolina

1/19/2023 - What Exactly Is Going On at Tesla Right Now?

1/19/2023 - These Are the Least Memorable Cars You've Ever Owned

1/19/2023 - Most New Cars Are Now Selling for Less than MSRP

1/19/2023 - Honda Made Its 30 Millionth Vehicle After Over 40 Years in the U.S.

1/19/2023 - Formula 1’s Worst Track Isn’t Going Away Anytime Soon

1/19/2023 - McLaren's Next Goal Might Be the World Endurance Championship

1/19/2023 - Formula E's Future Could Be Circuits Like Portland

1/19/2023 - Ford Is Giving $2,500 to Bronco Buyers Who Cancel and Change Their Orders

1/19/2023 - Activists Troll Toyota, BMW for Fighting Climate Policy With 400 Fake Billboards Across Europe

1/19/2023 - How TitleMax Makes Sure Customers Can Never Pay Off Their Car Loans

1/19/2023 - The BMW 840i Gran Coupe is the Personal Luxury Coupe Redefined

1/19/2023 - Sponsor Sues De Vries for Coming to Formula 1 a Year Late

1/19/2023 - AMG Says Don't Expect Another Hypercar Like the One Any Time Soon

1/19/2023 - I Need a Spacious, Reliable, Manual Car Under $15,000! What Should I Buy?

1/19/2023 - Elon Musk's Tesla Trial Seems To Be Going Well

1/19/2023 - Tesla's Price Cuts Could Force Everyone Else to Slash EV Prices

1/19/2023 - The Harrowing Beauty of the 2023 Dakar Rally

1/19/2023 - 2022 Was a Banner Year for Bentley

1/19/2023 - What’s the Weirdest One-Off Car Ever Built?

1/19/2023 - At $38,000, Is This 1995 Jeep Wrangler Sahara a Just Desert?

1/18/2023 - Harley-Davidson Will Go All-Electric, Says CEO

1/18/2023 - The 2024 Chevrolet Corvette E-Ray Can Turn off Its Front-Axle Motor for Better Burnouts

1/18/2023 - And After All, This Is the Vanwall Vandervell

1/18/2023 - Southwest Wants to Invest Billions to Prevent Another Travel Disaster

1/18/2023 - The 2024 Chevrolet Corvette E-Ray Visualizer Is Up for Real This Time

1/18/2023 - Mazda Wants a Rotary-Equipped Sports Car as Badly as We Do

1/18/2023 - These Are Your Car-Buying Red Flags

1/18/2023 - The 2024 Corvette E-Ray Brings America's Sports Car to the Hybrid Era

1/18/2023 - Shell Buys EV Charging Company Volta for $169 Million

1/18/2023 - Out With the Old, In With the New: Formula E Is Embracing Its New Wave of Manufacturers

1/18/2023 - Pre-2010 Diesel Big-Rig Engines Banned From California Roads

1/18/2023 - The Candela C-8 Borrows the Polestar 2's Batteries to Achieve the Longest Range of Any Electric Boat

1/18/2023 - Winnebago Turned Ford’s E-Transit Into an Electric Adventure Van

1/18/2023 - The Alfa Romeo Tonale Starts At $44,995, Can Now Be Preordered

1/18/2023 - A Bright Orange Mercedes-AMG GT Stands Sentry on Former Crypto Row at the World Economic Forum

1/18/2023 - Zak Brown on Building the McLaren Extended Universe: 'We've Created a Good, Fun Environment'

1/18/2023 - 2024 Mercedes-AMG CLA 45 S Squeezes 416 HP Out of a 2.0-Liter Turbo

1/18/2023 - Virginia Rejects $3.5-Billion Ford Plant Over Fears of Communist Chinese Control

1/18/2023 - Aston Martin Bids Farewell to the DBS With its Most Powerful Car Ever

1/18/2023 - Carvana Takes a Poison Pill to Avoid a Hostile Takeover

1/18/2023 - What Car Should You Buy: Fun, Funky i3 Replacement

1/18/2023 - What's the Least Memorable Car You've Ever Owned?

1/18/2023 - Inside Audi's Heartbreaking Second Attempt at the Dakar Rally

1/18/2023 - At $3,999, Is This 1972 MGB-GT a Project With Potential?

1/17/2023 - 1,398 Parts Authority Arizona Delivery Drivers Win $5.6 Million Judgment Over Employment Misclassification

1/17/2023 - Road Salt Is Turning Part of the Mississippi River Into a Toxic Salty Mess

1/17/2023 - This Is What a $1 Million Pontiac GTO Judge Looks Like

1/17/2023 - Tesla Cybertruck Will Come With Some Kind of Stainless Steel Scratch Remover

1/17/2023 - It's a Hard Road for the American Truck Driver

1/17/2023 - The Hummer H2 Is a Nightmare Vehicle

1/17/2023 - These TV and Movie Cars Would Make Great Daily Drivers

1/17/2023 - What Do You Want to Know About the 2023 Genesis G90?

1/17/2023 - Tesla Engineer Testifies Self-Driving Video from 2016 Was Staged

1/17/2023 - One-Fifth of All New Car Loans Are 84 Months or Longer

1/17/2023 - Motorsport Games' 2023 Le Mans Virtual Was a Mess — Just Ask Max Verstappen

1/17/2023 - Owner Auctions 2023 Toyota GR Corolla, Reportedly Loses Thousands of Dollars

1/17/2023 - Growing up with Formula E: 9 Years, 4 Countries, and 3 Generations

1/17/2023 - Take a Look at the First Mercedes-AMG One to Be Delivered

1/17/2023 - TSA Says No to Snakes on a Plane After Florida Woman Tries to Bring Boa on Board

1/17/2023 - Why the Hybrid 2024 Corvette E-Ray Doesn't Have a Charging Port

1/17/2023 - Angry Man Caught on Video Crashing Dump Truck Into Estranged Wife's House

1/17/2023 - Amazon Prime Video Reportedly Cutting Ties With Jeremy Clarkson Because He's Still the Shitty Person He Always Was

1/17/2023 - Wyoming Sticks It to the Libs With Pointless Bill Banning Electric Vehicle Sales [Update]

1/17/2023 - Formula 1 Won't Replace the Canceled Chinese Grand Prix

1/17/2023 - Ford Doesn't Want to Drag Out its European EV Partnership With Volkswagen

1/17/2023 - Always Do the Math Before Taking a Car Dealership's Loan Offer

1/17/2023 - The Hybrid Corvette E-Ray Is for Rich Buyers Who Don't Do Track Days

1/17/2023 - What's the Red Flag That Always Stops You From Buying a Car?

1/17/2023 - The 2024 Corvette E-Ray Packs 655 All-Wheel Horsepower and Accelerates Quicker Than a Z06

1/17/2023 - At $27,999, Could This 2012 Toyota FJ Cruiser Get You on its Team?

1/16/2023 - The 1992 Buick Skylark Gran Sport Was a Poor Attempt at European Luxury

1/16/2023 - What's Up With the Race Cars In Overwatch 2's Monte Carlo Map?

1/16/2023 - Cars and Bikes Are Pretty Much the Same Age

1/16/2023 - Man Bats on the Moon: The Possible Origin of Fake News Around the Lunar Landings

1/16/2023 - The Volkswagen New Beetle Is Just a Golf, But Worse

1/16/2023 - Because MotorWeek’s Retro Reviews Are the Best, We're Sharing a Few of Our Favorites

1/16/2023 - Ditching Licensed Cars Is the Secret to Preserving Retro Racing Games

1/16/2023 - I Regret to Inform You That a 55-Inch TV Is the Largest TV You Can Fit Into the Back of a Lexus LS 500

1/16/2023 - FIA Formula E's Gen3 Leader on the New Technology: 'It's a Huge Challenge'

1/16/2023 - How Tulsa Highlights the Divide on Federal Highway Removal

1/16/2023 - Beet Sugar Is the Most Metal Way to De-Ice Roads

1/16/2023 - The Grognard Was the Strangest Jet Bomber of the Early Cold War Era

1/16/2023 - At $10,999, Is This 2012 Chrysler 200 Hardtop Convertible a Memorable Deal?

1/13/2023 - The 2024 F-Type 75 Will House Jaguar’s Final V8

1/13/2023 - Project 996: Misfire Mayhem and Trusting Your Mechanic

1/13/2023 - How Contrails Are Aviation's Biggest Threat to the Environment

1/13/2023 - Reggie Watts and His Hand-Me-Down Renault

1/13/2023 - Renault Calls Out Shakira After She Disparaged the Twingo

1/13/2023 - The UAW's Candidates for President Are Making Their Case

1/13/2023 - Lexus Built an Electric SUV For the Race Track

1/13/2023 - The 2023 Chevy Bolt Loses Financing Deals As Tax Credit Kicks In

1/13/2023 - San Fransisco Becomes Latest U.S. City to Attempt to Restrict Low-Level Traffic Stops

1/13/2023 - Nissan Silvia, Chevrolet Chevelle, Gas-Powered Scooter: The Dopest Cars I Found for Sale Online

1/13/2023 - The Mexico City Metro System Runs On WhatsApp and Facebook

1/13/2023 - These Are the Worst Luxury Cars Money Can Buy

1/13/2023 - Toyota's Hydrogen, Battery-Powered AE86 Concepts Give Us Hope For the Future

1/13/2023 - 'The Crowd Roars' Is a Thrilling and Brutal Look at the Early Days of Racing

1/13/2023 - The Death of the SUV is Coming, Says Citroën's CEO

1/13/2023 - Carvana Lays Off More Employees and Cuts Hours Even Though It's Definitely for Sure Not Going Out of Business

1/13/2023 - The 2022 Chevy Silverado With Super Cruise Makes Towing Almost Effortless

1/13/2023 - 2023 Mazda MX-30 e-Skyactiv R-EV: This Is It

1/13/2023 - The Genesis GV60's Biometric Tech Got Me Locked Out of My House, But it's Not the Car's Fault

1/13/2023 - Electric Vehicle Sales May Slow Down This Year

1/13/2023 - Feds Identify Hundreds More UFO Reports

1/13/2023 - The 2024 Nissan GT-R Reminds Us the R35 Cannot Die, Brings Another Facelift

1/13/2023 - Tesla Is Starting to Get Worried

1/13/2023 - What Car From Movies or TV Would Make a Great Daily Driver?

1/13/2023 - The Suzuki Jimny 5-Door Is the Smallest, Big SUV Around

1/13/2023 - At $6,000, Is This 1988 Audi 5000 Turbo Quattro a Five-Cylinder Phenom?

1/12/2023 - Dealer Sues VW Because New Dealer 20 Miles Away Is Too 'Close'

1/12/2023 - Aston Martin Says it Is Making a 'Special Model' For its 110th Anniversary

1/12/2023 - Russia is Launching a Rescue Mission to the ISS

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1/12/2023 - Kyle Larson to Enter 2024 Indianapolis 500 With McLaren

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1/12/2023 - Cosworth Reveals Sim Racing Version of IndyCar Steering Wheel

1/12/2023 - ‘Tank Girl’ Embodies Our Strange Connection to Our Beloved Cars

1/12/2023 - Volkswagen ID Buzz GTX Will Have 340 HP, All-Wheel Drive

1/12/2023 - Denver Stuck With a New but Empty Carvana Vending Machine

1/12/2023 - EVs Made in the U.S. Are Dominating the Market

1/12/2023 - How Ken Block's First 'Gymkhana' Video Came to Be

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1/12/2023 - Harley-Davidson Is Turning Part of Its Headquarters Into a Park

1/12/2023 - Mercedes Is Dropping Its EQ Branding: Report

1/12/2023 - Car Insurance Is Going to Cost a Lot More in 2023: Report

1/12/2023 - Man Barely Escapes Death When Four-Foot Boulder Lands on His Car

1/12/2023 - Porsche Is Reportedly Warming Up to the Idea of Google in its Cars

1/12/2023 - This Two-Door Lamborghini Urus Abomination Might Be the Least Blasphemous Mansory Creation

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1/12/2023 - Cadillac Unveils its New V-LMDh Prototype Liveries Ahead of the Rolex 24

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1/11/2023 - 2023 Was Finally the Year CES Became a Car Show

1/11/2023 - Jeep Slims Cherokee Lineup Before Current Generation Ends Production

1/11/2023 - This Foldable Electric Scooter Is a Motocompo for the 21st Century

1/11/2023 - 'Malcolm in the Middle' Star Frankie Muniz Will Race in ARCA Stock Car Series

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1/11/2023 - Tesla Is Now the U.S. Luxury Sales King

1/11/2023 - Jimmie Johnson Announces Petty GMS Rebrand and His New Car Number

1/11/2023 - Derailed Freight Train Causes 20-Hour Delay for Amtrak Passenger Trip from Hell

1/11/2023 - Jaguar Says Farewell to V8 Sports Cars With the F-Type 75

1/11/2023 - Court Says Geico Doesn't Have to Pay Woman $5.2 Million for STD Contracted in Car

1/11/2023 - Saudi Arabia Wants to Become the Center of the Formula 1 Universe

1/11/2023 - The Venetian Lagoon Is Haunted By Thousands of Illegally Dumped 'Ghost Boats'

1/11/2023 - Renault’s Final RS-Badged Car is a Hot Hatch You’ll Never Drive

1/11/2023 - Losing Your Laptop Is Not an Acceptable Reason to Crash Your Car Into a Hotel Lobby

1/11/2023 - The MX-30 Is Back in the U.S. for 2023, But Maybe Don't Get Your Hopes Up

1/11/2023 - Tesla Wants Massive $775 Million Expansion to Texas Factory

1/11/2023 - Cadillac Says Slow Lyriq Deliveries Are All Part of its Quality Assurance Process

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1/11/2023 - U.S. Flights Resume After Nationwide Pause Due to FAA Computer Outage (Updated)

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1/10/2023 - Watch the Five Most Popular IIHS Crash Test Videos of 2022

1/10/2023 - Someone Actually Bought Elvis Presley’s Decaying Jet

1/10/2023 - 2022 Was Rolls-Royce's Best Year Ever

1/10/2023 - School Bus Catalytic Converter Theft Delayed Classes for Connecticut School District

1/10/2023 - GoT's Richard Madden (aka Robb Stark) Was In a Short Film About Group B Rally

1/10/2023 - Lamborghini Also Had a Record Year in 2022

1/10/2023 - Ram Unveils its Electric Pickup Truck Concept at CES

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1/10/2023 - Carlos Sainz, Sr. Ordered Medical Helicopter to Return Him to the Race After This Dakar Crash

1/10/2023 - New 2023 Corvette E-Ray Teaser Shows a Silent Stealth Mode

1/10/2023 - Polestar Exec Roasts Other Automakers for Dragging Their Feet on EVs

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1/9/2023 - Bathrooms — Not Food — Are the Great Equalizer at Highway Rest Areas

1/9/2023 - BMW Recalls More Than 14,000 EVs That Could Randomly Lose Power

1/9/2023 - Cases of Odometer Fraud Were Up in the U.S. in 2022

1/9/2023 - Researchers Hacked California's Digital License Plates, Gaining Access to GPS Location and User Info (Update)

1/9/2023 - Chinese EVs Catching Up To American Cars In Crucial Area: Fires

1/9/2023 - John Deere Eases up on Right to Repair Laws — Unless Right to Repair Laws Are Passed

1/9/2023 - These Cars Are in Real Need of a Redesign This Year

1/9/2023 - Tesla Under Investigation for Tweet Promising to Remove Full Self Driving Beta Safe Guards

1/9/2023 - The Mitsubishi Galant Managed to Be Generic and Jaunty

1/9/2023 - Why Do We Keep Widening Highways When We Know It Doesn't Improve Traffic?

1/9/2023 - Huge Ship Carrying 66,000 Tons of Corn Briefly Stuck in the Suez Canal

1/9/2023 - Why a 'Strong Majority' of F1 Teams Don't Want Andretti Allowed to Join

1/9/2023 - Dodge Will Completely Control Performance Upgrades on its EVs

1/9/2023 - Plants in New York City Can Absorb All Car, Bus and Truck Emissions on Summer Days

1/9/2023 - Mazda Revives its Rotary This Week, As an MX-30 Range Extender

1/9/2023 - CES Just Became the World's Most Important Auto Show

1/9/2023 - Heat Pumps Massively Improve EV Range In Cold Weather

1/9/2023 - 'Probably Drunk' Tesla Owner Let FSD Beta Take the Wheel

1/9/2023 - Rolls Royce Had a Hell of a Year

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1/6/2023 - Delta Air Lines Workers Are Attempting to Unionize

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1/6/2023 - Plane Passengers in Mexico Were Caught in a Gunfight Between the Cartel and Mexican Military

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1/6/2023 - WRC Retires #43 In Tribute To Ken Block

1/6/2023 - Somehow, A Driver Flipped His Car Inside of a Car Wash

1/6/2023 - Mercedes-Benz Approved For Level 3 Automation In Nevada

1/6/2023 - Mercedes-Benz Kicks Off 2023 by Recalling 324,000 SUVs

1/6/2023 - Tesla Model 3 and Model Y Prices Slashed in China Once Again

1/6/2023 - Google Has a New Look for Android Auto While Volvo and Polestar First to Get Google HD Maps

1/6/2023 - What Car Is in Real Need of a Redesign This Year?

1/6/2023 - Ram Debuts its 1500 Revolution Electric Pickup Concept

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1/5/2023 - I Regret to Report That Chrysler 200 Sales Were Down Last Year

1/5/2023 - New Safety Tech May Be Able to Predict What Drivers Will Do Before They Do it

1/5/2023 - The Zeekr 001 Promises the Most Battery Range of Any EV at 641 Miles

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1/5/2023 - New Louisiana Law Forces You to Upload Your Driver's License to Watch Porn

1/5/2023 - Cake Finally Made an E-Bike You Can Ride Without a License

1/5/2023 - Tennessee Becomes First State to Charge Child Support to Drunk Drivers Who Kill Parents

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1/5/2023 - The Ring Car Cam Takes Ring Surveillance from Your Home to Your Car

1/5/2023 - More People Had $1,000 Car Payments in 2022 Than We've Seen in a Decade

1/5/2023 - American Airlines Retaliated Against Flight Attendants Reporting Toxic Fumes: OSHA

1/5/2023 - Gran Turismo Is a Movie About a Future Racer Learning to Drive From a Game That Would Later Become a Movie

1/5/2023 - Mercedes-Benz Plans to Build Its Own Global Charging Network

1/5/2023 - Raytheon Tests Hybrid Engine That Could Cut Air Travel Emissions by 30 Percent

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1/5/2023 - Ford Is Now the Second-Place EV Builder in the United States

1/5/2023 - Andretti Global Partners with General Motors to Express Interest in Formula 1 with Cadillac Racing

1/5/2023 - Credit Acceptance Sued Over Allegedly Misleading Auto Loans

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1/4/2023 - The BMW i Vision Dee Is a Color-Shifting Ride to a Virtual World

1/4/2023 - The U.S. Is Making the Same Mistakes With EVs That It Made With Gas-Powered Cars

1/4/2023 - NYC Had Women-Only Subway Cars for Less Than a Year

1/4/2023 - Porsche CEO Says More Off-Road Porsches Are Coming if There's Enough Demand for the 911 Dakar

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1/4/2023 - Last Surviving Apollo 7 Astronaut Walter Cunningham Dead At 90

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1/4/2023 - What Is a PistenBully, The Snow Plow That Ran Over Jeremy Renner?

1/4/2023 - IRS Deems Some Tesla Model Ys Too Light for EV Tax Credit

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1/4/2023 - 2022 Could End Up Being the Car Industry's Worst Sales Year in a Decade

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1/3/2023 - The Suzuki Jimny Does a Great Impression of the Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen in Japan

1/3/2023 - Uber Punted Into NYC Restaurant in Hit-And-Run, 22 Injured

1/3/2023 - Volkswagen ID.7 Sedan: This Is (Mostly) It

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1/3/2023 - The Mitsubishi Mirage Will Die First in Japan

1/3/2023 - California Cops Searched Black People Over Two Times More Than White People During Traffic Stops: Report

1/3/2023 - The Ford Bronco II Is an Underappreciated JV Bronco

1/3/2023 - Video Shows Tesla's 'Full Self-Driving' Absolutely Cannot Handle Snow

1/3/2023 - The Ford F-Series Is Still on Top After 46 Years

1/3/2023 - Volkswagen Adds 37,000 Beetles to Takata Airbag Recall

1/3/2023 - New Lunar Satellites Will Enable Autonomous Space Travel to the Moon for Astronauts

1/3/2023 - This Florida Shop Will Give Your Porsche Cayman GT4 an Engine to Beat a 911 GT3

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1/3/2023 - LAPD's Officers Have a Drunk Driving Problem

1/3/2023 - South Korea Orders Tesla to Pay Millions for Overstating Range

1/3/2023 - Airport Ground Worker 'Ingested Into the Engine' of Jet in Alabama

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