Russia: Wrestling fans took part in the first ever “car jitsu” competition | WION Edge

Of course, Russians are known for doing some pretty whacky and entertaining things with cars and they have taken all the challenges of a jiu-jitsu match and exponentially increased the difficulty by putting it inside a car.


BlackBelt Magazine reports that Car-Jitsu was invented by Russian martial arts enthusiast Vik Mikheev. He has black belts in both BJJ and judo, is an MMA fighter, and even holds a Ph.D. in Math. He started holding Car-Jitsu competitions in 2020 and wanted to test the applications of BJJ in a confined space and turn it into its own sport.

Car Jitsu. Kristin Shea and Alexandra Rosa Florez

As a white belt myself I am now just starting to figure things out on the mat and not get totally demolished by colored belts. But I can tell you that removing the ability to roll around on a soft surface, have chairs and a steering wheel in the way, and worry about being choked out by a seatbelt totally changes the game.

However, unlike some “internet personalities” that make outlandish claims on how you can survive a carjacking, Car-Jitsu is actually very good training if you are ever caught in a worst-case scenario of someone trying to assault you inside your vehicle.