The Ford F-Series Is Still on Top After 46 Years

Each year, Ford gets to spike the football when it comes to truck sales. In 2023, it did it again.

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Ford, which these days is rapidly trying to transition to EVs, is still, at heart, a truck company, if you judge it by traditional metrics like “sales.” Ford said on Tuesday that it remained the most truck company, selling over 640,000 F-Series trucks in 2022, holding on to the sales crown for the 46th consecutive year.

Ford says it sold an F-Series truck once every 49 seconds last year, as the total number includes every F-truck in Ford’s stable, from the F-150 to the F-150 Lightning. Still, the 640,000 number is less F-Series trucks than Ford sold in 2021, when it sold 726,004 F-Series trucks, as Ford and everyone else have been dealing with supply chain issues.

And while Ford claims the crown, GM, in comments to CNBC, disputes it, because if you combine Chevy and GMC truck sales then GM beats Ford, GM says in comments that have become a yearly ritual.

GM spokesman Jim Cain downplayed the F-Series rankings, saying the company is well positioned to capture full-size truck sales leadership for a third-consecutive year.

“We count trucks the old-fashioned way, one at a time, and by that measure we’re the clear leader and have been for a while,” he said.


Ram is also in this conversation, on track to sell around half a million pickup trucks for the full-year 2022, but neither GM nor Ford ever seem to acknowledge the existence of Ram, and who are we to disagree. There is also the Toyota Tundra and Nissan Titan in this space, but please get out of here with that weak shit, at least when it comes to volume sales. Soon, too: the GMC Hummer EV Pickup and the Rivian R1T and, sure, maybe the Tesla Cybertruck and I guess the Lordstown Motors Endurance. Let’s be serious, though: Around this time next year I expect Ford to announce that the F-Series has again beaten everyone else.