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These Massive Lego Technic Diesel Engines Put Everything You've Ever Built to Shame

Suddenly, completing the Lego Millennium Falcon doesn't feel as impressive anymore.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Stefan Weinert with his Lego diesel engine replica
Screenshot: Beyond the Brick/YouTube

Recently, The Drive found a video from the Beyond the Brick Youtube channel that features the incredible work of Stefan Weinert. The video featured in the article focuses on some of the massive Lego replica diesel engines he’s built, but Weinert’s channel features all sorts of truly incredible builds. The dude’s got some serious talent.

It’s not just that he figured out how to make his own engine replicas or that he uses electric motors and compressed air to run the engines. It’s the scale of the builds and all the little details he makes sure to get right. Plus, he reportedly doesn’t use glue or anything else to make such large projects easier. Just regular old Lego Technic pieces all put together by the hands of a master.


In addition to the huge marine engine that you first see in the video, there’s a smaller marine engine that’s still pretty damn cool. That’s because Weinert also designed a system to lift it off the ground similar to the way they do it in real life. And you better believe he showed off how he can then transport it on a remote-control truck and trailer that he also built.

Finally, there’s a replica of a V16 diesel generator, and the thing’s got a dang radiator. And when it gets up to full speed, it makes a pretty cool sound. Then again, essentially everything in this video is cool. They’re the kind of builds that make hyperbole nearly impossible.


Having built a few Lego sets in our day, though, the biggest question we have is how much time and money it takes to complete these projects. The answer to both is probably, “more than you want to know.” But something also tells us Weinert doesn’t care. Seems like he just loves building and showing off cool projects. And for that, we salute him.

Amazing LEGO Technic Diesel Engines