Watch Some Lego Engines Rev Until They Explode

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Little Lego engines with actual pistons and crankshafts that turn and move are one of the true simple joys of human life in the modern era. So, it just stands to reason that the best way to maximize that joy is to rev the crap out of these Lego engines until they blow apart. That’s how you get the most joy out of everything.

One inline-four and two V8 Lego engines gave their structural integrity for your enjoyment in this video:

Remember, these engines are running with no lubrication! Be sure to change the oil on all your Lego engines to avoid similar disasters.


The person who made the video, Sayaman, has a YouTube channel with more Lego engines and the various, exciting fates that can befall them. Like this one, where the Lego engine is frozen with a can of compressed air before running:

...and this one where they attempt to make an indestructible Lego engine:

...and finally one where they attempt to get a one-cylinder Lego motor to 30,000 RPM by custom making piston pins, lubricating with vegetable oil, and gluing the bricks together:

Pushing the boundaries of Lego engineering. This is important work.

(Thanks to my pal Mark from Boing Boing!)