World’s Fastest Electric Skateboard - Raith Vengeance V2 Prototype 132km/h

To hit this slightly insane milestone, the Vengeance is packed with some impressive tech. For starters, its deck is constructed from carbon fiber and the trucks are composed of aluminum in an effort to keep weight down.


Then, to power this beast, Raith gave it four-wheel drive in the form of a custom 2,400-watt motor connected to each wheel. For the math(s) fans in the house, that’s a total of 9,600-watts of power ON A SKATEBOARD. (For reference we were able to find this electric stove top on Amazon that utilizes a maximum 9600w of power on its five burner cook top.)

To keep you running at these blistering speeds, the Vengeance is fitted with a custom 370Wh battery pack, which Raith says is enough to keep you on the move for 21 miles. That means there’s just enough juice to run at full speed for 15 minutes before you need to recharge the batteries.

A photo of the underside of the Raith electric skateboard.
When this baby hits 82, you’re going to see some serious shit.
Photo: Raith Skateboards

When you do need to come to a stop from all those flying runs, the Vengeance is also fitted with regenerative braking to help bring you to a steady halt. Handy.


Other neat little touches on this board include the remote design, which has a nice knuckle guard to protect your precious fingers if you ever fall off. But, you’ll probably want to invest in some serious safety kit if you plan on riding this at full tilt often.

If all that doesn’t sound terrifying to you, then the Vengeance can be yours for a cool $3,499. Or, Raith also offers a 2WD, much slower board called the Midnight that’ll hit 37 mph and set you back $2,299.