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Cake Finally Made an E-Bike You Can Ride Without a License

Swedish bike maker Cake cut its teeth building electric motorcycles, but now it’s got a pedal assist e-bike in the works.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
A photo of a Cake electric bike electric bike leaning against a door.
The Cake Åik: No license necessary.
Photo: Cake

Electric bikes are cool and there are some very clever people doing some fun stuff in the sector. One such brand making a fleet of pretty sleek machines is Swedish bike builder Cake, which made a name for itself with some industrial-inspired electric motorbikes and mopeds. But now, the company has unveiled its first pedal-assist e-bike.

The new Cake bike was unveiled at CES in Las Vegas this week, and it looks like a monster. Called the Åik, the new bike is part of Cake’s :Work series of models, which are designed for hauling stuff around town all day.


As such, the Åik can cover up to 224 miles on a single charge and can carry up to 360 pounds of luggage across storage racks on the front and back. Impressive stuff.

A profile photo of the Cake Aik e-bike.
I like this color.
Photo: Cake

The bike is designed around a modular aluminum frame that keeps the familiar styling of Cake’s other models, like the Makka work bike.

To power the Åik, Cake installed a 100 Nm center motor that can gives it a top speed of 20mph. Out the box, the bike is fitted with a 750 Wh battery pack, but it has the capacity to carry up to two more packs to give it a total of 2,250 Wh to give it that impressive range.

The Åik also has belt drive that runs through a gearbox mounted to the rear wheel. And, it’s fitted with front and rear hydraulic disc brakes that can bring you to a complete stop.

A photo of someone riding a Cake e-bike on the street.
I’d like my future to look like this, please.
Photo: Cake

It’s a pretty neat package, that’s all finished off in Cake’s signature blue shade. Lovely stuff.

I’ve been a fan of Cake’s bikes for a while now. But, because I don’t have any kind of motorbike license, they’ve been the forbidden fruit of the e-bike world. Thankfully, the Åik is Cake’s first pedal-assist model, which means that it’s a Class 2 e-bike that you don’t need a license to ride it here in America.


Sadly, the price of all that pedal-assist loveliness might prove to be the next hurdle I have to overcome.

The Åik will start shipping in May, when prices will start at $6,470. If you want the full 200-mile spec, that price jumps to $9,140, but you also get extra luggage racks and a set of lights.