Maxed Out, Cake’s Latest E-Bike Is A $23K Two-Wheeled Tow Truck

This new Swedish e-bikes can hit 50 mph, charge your power tools and carry 530 gallons worth of stuff.

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A grey Ösa :work bike parked on a building site
The new Cake Ösa :work can power electrical tools with its battery.
Photo: Cake

Swedish bike maker Cake makes some pretty sweet rides. The Makka Flex is a sleek, electric moped perfect for commuters, while the Kalk model is an electrically-charged off-road racer. Now, the company has released a range of utilitarian bikes for workers looking to cut their carbon emissions.

The Cake “:work” series comprises new versions of its three e-bikes, each optimized for mobile workforces.

The Makka :work adds more power and a longer range to the traditional model. It can also be fitted with extra accessories to beef up its carrying capacity.

A Cake Makka :work electric moped parked by a lake
The Cake Makka :work is the baby of the bunch
Photo: Cake

Next is the Kalk :work, an off-road e-bike that Cake says has been created for “surveillance, service, patrolling or similar.” The new Kalk :work is street-legal and comes with a new rack to carry your work tools to wherever you need them.

Finally, the Ösa :work is the brute of the bunch. The bike comes in three models that each promise top speeds of 55, 28 and 15 mph. There’s also more power and new trailers that can bump up the capacity by around 400 gallons.

On top of that, the batteries on the Ösa :work can also be used to supply off-grid power to heavy-duty tools and gadgets.


If you don’t drain your battery running all your drills, saws and other power tools, the Ösa :work bike has a fairly impressive range as well. It’s powered by a 3.75 kWh battery that Cake says is good for 78 miles of city center riding and up to 100 miles in some specifications.

Additionally, it will charge from 0 to 80% in just two hours, and takes four hours to fully re-charge.

The three models of the Cake :work series photographed together
The Cake Kalk, Ösa and Makka bikes.
Photo: Cake

All this battery power runs an 11 kW motor, which Cake says is equivalent to 15 HP. This is paired with a four piston motorbike brake set up, and a front suspension system to smooth out your ride.


The :work series bikes come with fairly impressive spec sheets, but the price of all this electric functionality doesn’t come cheap.

The base Makka :work starts at $5,000 and it’s $13,000 or $10,500 for the Kalk and Ösa respectively. And, as with any new electric vehicle worth its salt, there’s a ton of optional extras you can add to your new e-bike.


If you like add-ons, the Ösa is definitely the way to go as it comes with hundreds of ways to increase its usability.

The Ösa+ :work bike with a trailer attached
The Ösa+ :work bikes makes towing a piece of cake
Photo: Cake

You can add front and rear luggage carriers, tool racks, cargo trailers and even a customized phone holder. On top of that, the Ösa+ model can also be ordered with an additional 3.75 kWh battery to power your bike or on-site tools, and a power converter.

In fact, if you fully spec out your Cake Ösa+ :work, you’ll soon find yourself riding round on a $23,275 electric bike that can haul more than 520 gallons of stuff.


That’s a lot for a bike, even if it is a very impressive one. But, what new car can you get for the same price that offers the same functionality?