Aston Martin Says it Is Making a 'Special Model' For its 110th Anniversary

Aston says it will be "new," "strictly limited," and "exclusive."

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Photo: Aston Martin

On Sunday, Aston Martin will turn 110 years old, making it, among legacy automakers, pretty average in terms of age, though among modern supercar makers, a senior citizen. Aston also likes to celebrate its history, because it’s an opportunity to remind everyone how legit Aston is, and so it said Thursday that it would be making a “special model” to mark the occasion, or at least make a quick and easy profit off of it.

The following is the entirety of what Aston has to say about the car for now:

The brand’s historic 110th anniversary is to be celebrated through the launch of a new, strictly limited, exclusive Aston Martin model, to be unveiled later this year.


This special car could be a version of the Valkyrie, since that is what Aston included photos of in its release — along with that 1923 Razor Blade — or it could be simply a new one-off or few-off, like the Victor or Vulcan.

And perhaps the special car’s name will also start with the letter v because Aston also said in its release that it, “prepares to unleash the first of its highly anticipated next generation of sports cars, which will further enhance Aston Martin’s focus on ultra-luxury, high-performance and driving intensity” in 2023, which is almost certainly the Valhalla, which we’ve been waiting for for what feels like forever.


Still, Aston is sounding awfully optimistic for a company who has been trying to turn itself around after a touch-and-go few years, a turnaround that as late as November had hit a minor speed bump. I suppose this talk of optimism is a good thing, because no one really wants to see Aston go anywhere, for all its idiosyncrasies. Aston still has James Bond to take care of, after all.