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Behold The Unfathomably Gorgeous Spectacle Of An Aston Martin Vulcan Track Day

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

If you’re cool (and rich) enough in Aston Martin’s book, you can get invited to purchase the limited edition faster toys they offer. We all saw the Vulcan launched in 2015 as a sign that Aston Martin wasn’t going to go all hybrid on us to achieve a proper track machine, and did so with over 800 horsepower from a 7.0-liter naturally-aspirated V12 and a sound that makes us weak at the knees.

Just 24 Vulcans were made in total, and purchasing one means you get invited to participate in three Aston Martin client grand prix track events FOR FREE over the three years of ownership. Aston Martin ships your Vulcan to the track selected, has their team of factory engineers and mechanics prepare it to your liking, and then lets you destroy tires with an Aston team driver as your instructor for a couple days.

This week, the client trip took eight Vulcans to Circuit of The Americas in Austin. The track’s people reached out to Jalopnik, asking if we’d like to hang out as their clients had some fun.

Of course I quickly said “yes” and grabbed my camera gear. I could talk about the angry monster lurking beneath the bonnet, or describe all the painstaking hours of crafting that gorgeous carbon fiber body, but you all know about the car, how manufacturer track days work, and you just want the pics.

Fine. Here they are. Take them all in.