What Are Your Automotive Goals for 2023?

You've got an entire year to meet and exceed your 2023 goals. Get at it.

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Andy's black 2007 BMW Z4 that has a number of dashboard lights on.
Andy’s 2007 BMW Z4 that has a number of dashboard lights on.
Photo: Andy Kalmowitz

Happy 2023, folks! There’s just about an entire brand-spanking-new year ahead of us that’ll give everyone plenty of time to hit all sorts of goals and milestones. That’s what leads us to today’s question.

We want to know what your 2023 automotive goals are. Perhaps you’ve got a project car you’re working on that you are aiming at actually finishing this year, or maybe you’re just trying to get your daily driver in good enough shape to pass your state’s inspection. Hell, you could be about to set out on a new car purchase. You deserve a new car, don’t you?

It could be that you’re looking to improve your autocross times in your clapped-out Miata. That’s awesome too! It can even be something as banal as wanting to read more (but this only applies if you specifically want to read more automotive content).


For me, a real goal of mine for 2023 is getting the plethora of dashboard lights on my 2007 BMW Z4 to turn off. Luckily, none of them are the check engine light, but I want them gone nonetheless. I know this sounds like a rather impossible task given that it’s a 15-year-old BMW, but god dammit what’s the point of having goals if they aren’t lofty? I will defeat you, BMW. I will defeat you. I think my issues stem from a faulty TPMS sensor, but I’m not totally sure. That’s a story for another day, though.

As a secondary goal, I also want to learn how to ride a motorcycle since I have a death wish. Please pray for me as I start this needless and dangerous endeavor once the northeast warms up a bit. It’s far too nasty out right now, isn’t it?


Anyway, drop down below and let your fellow Jalops know what your 2023 automotive goals are, and tune in December of this year, where we’ll see if any of you goobers (myself included) actually achieved them.