8/31/2014 - Your Ridiculously Awesome Jaguar E-Type Wallpaper Is Here

8/31/2014 - FAA 'Hangar Rule' Would Hurt Historic Warbird Preservation

8/31/2014 - Why These Powerful French Assault Ships Might End Up In Putin's Hands

8/31/2014 - The 2015 Dodge Challenger Drag Pak, Because Tires Should Burn In Hell

8/31/2014 - Oops! F1's 16-Year-Old Whiz Kid Crashes First F1 Car Doing Donuts

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8/31/2014 - V8 Fiat 126 "Taz Racing" Is The Best Racing You Didn't Know Existed

8/31/2014 - Someone Please Get The Detroit Police A New Social Media Manager

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8/30/2014 - The Corvette Museum Will Fill Up The Entire Sinkhole After All

8/30/2014 - F-16s Escort Plane Carrying Dead Pilot Out To Sea - Updated

8/30/2014 - Your Ridiculously Awesome Bugatti Veyron Wallpaper Is Here

8/30/2014 - New Panoramic Images Show Area 51’s New Mystery Hangar Is Gigantic

8/30/2014 - Let's See Your Labor Day Weekend Drives & Projects!

8/30/2014 - The Makers Of The Yugo Made A Self-Driving Car Attracted To Cellists

8/30/2014 - Georgia Dealers Want Tesla Shut Down

8/30/2014 - Is The Renaultsport R.S. 01 An Audi R8 Copy Or A Victim Of Design?

8/30/2014 - The 1978 Ford Capri Really Put Things Into Apocalyptic Perspective

8/30/2014 - Serial Stowaway Arrested Again After Jail Release

8/30/2014 - Wait, Superman Once Built A NASCAR Racecar?

8/30/2014 - Audi R8 Locked In Embrace With A5 Sportback In Bizarre Crash

8/30/2014 - You Can Now Buy A Racetrack/Airport In Metro Detroit

8/30/2014 - Weekend Motorsports Roundup, August 30-31, 2014

8/29/2014 - How To Tow A Project Car From An Impossible Place: The 7-Hour Saga

8/29/2014 - What Happens When You Buy A Bike That's Too Fast For You

8/29/2014 - Meet The Hell Cannon, The Free Syrian Army's Homemade Howitzer

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8/29/2014 - Organize Your Trunk, Save at AutoZone for Labor Day [Deals]

8/29/2014 - Björn Waldegård, The WRC's First Champion, Passes Away At 71

8/29/2014 - Watch These Guys Make A Perfect, Life-Sized Chevy Colorado Out Of Sand

8/29/2014 - The Ten Best Supercars You Can Buy On eBay For Under $50,000

8/29/2014 - The Ten Best Supercars You Can Buy On eBay For Under $50,000

8/29/2014 - Malaysia Airlines Just Axed 6,000 Jobs

8/29/2014 - Pilot Killed In Virginia F-15C Crash

8/29/2014 - Just How Many Times Can You Jump A Suzuki Samurai?

8/29/2014 - Will The 2015 Chevy Suburban Z71 Get Some Off-Road Ability Back?

8/29/2014 - Vines From Space Are The Best Vines

8/29/2014 - This Is The First Mk7 VW Jetta Only It Isn't A Jetta

8/29/2014 - The Akira Motorcycle Is Real And We Rode It

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8/29/2014 - ​The Akira Motorcycle Is Real And We Rode It

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8/29/2014 - How To Tow A Project Car From An Impossible Place: The 7-Hour Saga

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8/29/2014 - Why America's Current Fleet Of Presidential Limos Suck

8/29/2014 - How Negotiable Is A Dealership's Internet Price?

8/29/2014 - Saab Is Too Poor To Go Bankrupt

8/29/2014 - Grimes – 'Oblivion'

8/29/2014 - Could This Custom 1976 Mercedes Benz 450SE 6.9 Grab $7,500?

8/29/2014 - I'm On A 2,000 Mile Road Trip Around The Balkans With A Seat Toledo

8/28/2014 - ​Aston Martin Lagonda: This Is It

8/28/2014 - This Perfect Restomod Is Jaguar's Head Designer's New Car

8/28/2014 - Tesla Rolls Out 'Destination Charging' At Resorts And Restaurants

8/28/2014 - ​Absurd Quintuple Speed Bumps Are Absurd

8/28/2014 - Poland Officially Has The World's Nicest Motorcylists

8/28/2014 - These Modern Cars Would Work For The Ghostbusters

8/28/2014 - Tony Stewart Reportedly Will Race Again In NASCAR This Weekend

8/28/2014 - Watch This Unstoppable Beater Truck Make A Flood Its Bitch

8/28/2014 - This Expensive Part Has Hundreds Of Chrysler Owners Fuming

8/28/2014 - YOU NEED A TANK! The Pentagon's Having A Fire Sale For Cops

8/28/2014 - Everything Wrong With My Piece Of Shit $600 Lexus

8/28/2014 - Starbucks Mobilizing Food Trucks To Colleges In Next Phase Of Invasion

8/28/2014 - Time To Call The Ukrainian Crisis For What It Is: An Invasion

8/28/2014 - Billionaire Pizza Magnate's Son Is Quite The Aging Frat Boy

8/28/2014 - Volvo's Plan For Swedish Success Does Not Include Electric Cars

8/28/2014 - Google May Buy Historic Spruce Goose Hangar For Office Space

8/28/2014 - What NASA Isn't Saying In NASA's Big Rocket Announcement

8/28/2014 - Fulfill Your 80s Firebird Fantasizes With This KITT Replica

8/28/2014 - Two Backup Cameras Under $100, Steel Pegboard, Work Mat [Deals]

8/28/2014 - Hear Lewis Hamilton Rip The Monaco Tunnel In His Purple Zonda 760LH

8/28/2014 - Next On Bernie Ecclestone's Agenda: Revenge

8/28/2014 - Doing Donuts In Hoonigan's RWB Porsche

8/28/2014 - This Rare Photo Shows The Most Sensitive Part Of A Combat Aircraft

8/28/2014 - This New Police Light Look Will Make Undercover Cops Harder To Spot

8/28/2014 - This Rare Photo Shows The Most Sensitive Part Of A Combat Aircraft

8/28/2014 - You Can Watch The Gran Turismo Documentary Free On YouTube

8/28/2014 - 2015 Ford F-150 Special-Orders & Fleet Sales Won't Happen 'Til February

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8/28/2014 - What's The Ugliest Alfa Romeo?

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8/28/2014 - GM Is Sending Mexican Jobs To America... And American Jobs To Mexico?

8/28/2014 - Texas Jury Acquits Dad Of Murdering Drunk Driver Who Killed His Kids

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8/28/2014 - Queen And David Bowie – 'Under Pressure'

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8/27/2014 - Holy Crap This Rally Onboard Is So Fast It Can't Be Real

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8/27/2014 - Think Of The Smell: Truck Driver Covers Highway In Fish

8/27/2014 - ​Buy A Fiat Or You'll Get Mauled By A Bear And Dumped In The Desert

8/27/2014 - How They Build The Incredible Trucks Of Desert Racing

8/27/2014 - Ferrari Sent Deadmau5 A Cease And Desist About His 'Purrari'

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8/27/2014 - The USAF Can't Find A Downed Pilot And The Quiet Zone Might Be Why

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8/27/2014 - The Jalopnik Film Festival Has Best Judges In History Of Judiciaries

8/27/2014 - The Jalopnik Film Festival Has Best Judges In History Of Judiciaries

8/27/2014 - Life Is Great So Here's A Hideous Ferrari Doing Burnouts In Monaco

8/27/2014 - Tire-Shredding Coca-Cola Truck Just Barely Saved From Spectacular Crash

8/27/2014 - This Is Canada's Actual NATO Twitter Account

8/27/2014 - BRABUS' Customized Sprinter Is Another Nail In The Limo's Coffin

8/27/2014 - The Ten Cities Best Prepared For The Future

8/27/2014 - What's The Biggest Case Of Automotive Blue Balls?

8/27/2014 - An F-15 Fighter Jet Has Reportedly Crashed In Virginia [UPDATE]

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8/26/2014 - Here's What It Feels Like When Your Lamborghini Is Impounded

8/26/2014 - Watch This Dual Subaru Nurburgring Near-Miss And Cry

8/26/2014 - Here's What It Feels Like When Your Lamborghini Is Impounded

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8/26/2014 - I'm Taking The 2014 Ram Power Wagon On An Adventure, Ask Me Anything

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8/26/2014 - This Renault LeCar Van Is The Tiny French Sex Van You Deserve

8/26/2014 - The Horrifying Face Of The Chevy 'DinoSSauR' Will Haunt Your Dreams

8/26/2014 - Flying On The New Goodyear Zeppelin Is Unlike All Other Flying

8/26/2014 - $10 Socket Wrench Set, FM Transmitter, $160 GoPro [Deals]

8/26/2014 - 2015 Land Rover Discovery Sport Accidentally Released As A Toy

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8/26/2014 - 2015 Volvo XC90: Everything You Need To Know

8/26/2014 - Did A Texas Cop Let A 140 MPH Street Racer Off With A Warning?

8/26/2014 - Did A Texas Cop Let A 140 MPH Street Racer Off With A Warning?

8/26/2014 - China-Only Infiniti ESQ Is A Rebadged Luxury Bizarro Juke Nismo RS

8/26/2014 - What City Is Best Prepared For The Future?

8/26/2014 - Feds Investigate Ford Explorer Police Interceptor For Brake Issues

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8/26/2014 - Passengers Fight Over Seat Recline, Cause Flight Diversion

8/26/2014 - Mercedes To Change Confusing SUV Names To Be More Confusing

8/26/2014 - About 100 People Claim Their Loved Ones Killed In Recalled GM Cars

8/26/2014 - Has Google Images Been Hacked To Show A Russian Car Crash?

8/26/2014 - New Pornographers – 'War On The East Coast'

8/26/2014 - 2015 Volvo XC90: This Is It

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8/25/2014 - Goofy Late-Night Thought Experiment: Car-Trunk Wormholes

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8/25/2014 - Airlines Are Spending More Than $1 Billion Per Month To Make You Happy

8/25/2014 - Toyota Is Re-Releasing The Land Cruiser 70 In All Its 1980s Glory

8/25/2014 - Toyota Is Re-Releasing The Land Cruiser 70 In All Its 1980s Glory

8/25/2014 - How To Make A Used Mercedes S-Class More Luxurious Than Most New Cars

8/25/2014 - 'Survival Television' Star Bear Grylls Works For Land Rover Now

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8/25/2014 - Watch This Paratrooper Become A Flailing Ragdoll Attached To A Plane

8/25/2014 - Sweet Merciful Crap: There Might Be A Mazda Miata Coupe On The Way

8/25/2014 - I-66 In Virginia Is Becoming A Dali-esque Masterpiece

8/25/2014 - Ram Sticking To Contested, Pointless 'Best-In-Class' Claims

8/25/2014 - If Your New Car 'Tries To Kill You,' Can You Return It?

8/25/2014 - What's The Most Recognizable Car Name?

8/25/2014 - There Will Almost Definitely Not Be A New Mazda RX-7 In 2017

8/25/2014 - Ten Cars That Are Better Than Their Stereotypes

8/25/2014 - Detroit City Councilman Was 'Super Drunk' While Driving

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8/25/2014 - Is The World Ready For A Twin Turbo V6 Ferrari?

8/25/2014 - Here's How Architects Would Re-Imagine The Packard Plant

8/25/2014 - Storm Chasers On What It's Like To Take A Pickup Truck To A Tornado

8/25/2014 - Here Is The 2015 Subaru WRX They Named After An Audi

8/25/2014 - Is Volkswagen Launching A New Golf Minutes After Launching The Old Golf?

8/25/2014 - Chrysler's 'Think Toilet' And The 1980 Dodge Aspen

8/25/2014 - I'm Going To See The 2015 Volvo XC90 Soon, What Do You Want To Know?

8/25/2014 - 'Born To Lose' 1977

8/25/2014 - This 1975 Porsche 914 Has A Big Motor And A $5,500 Price Tag

8/24/2014 - The Mitsubishi Montero Was Better Than A Lot Of People Remember

8/24/2014 - Now You Can Own This Insanely Loud Audi S8

8/24/2014 - This Is (Not) How You Should Test Your Exhaust In Russia

8/24/2014 - A Race Between A Fighter Jet & A Lamborghini Is Always The Best

8/24/2014 - Dodge Takes A Dig At Volkswagen With 'Just Kidding' Commercial

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8/24/2014 - Nico Rosberg Smacks Lewis Hamilton's Car And Now Everyone Is Pissed

8/24/2014 - This Chevy Apache Is Even Better Than An Advanced Design

8/24/2014 - Goodyear Christens New 'Wingfoot One' Zeppelin, Says Bye To Blimps

8/23/2014 - NASCAR Driver Doesn't Wait Two Weeks To Start Chucking Stuff On Track

8/23/2014 - Phew! The F-35B Can Operate From Wet Runways & In Crosswinds

8/23/2014 - Your Ridiculously Awesome Mercedes 300SL Roadster Wallpaper Is Here

8/23/2014 - Dealer Involved In California's Biggest Odometer Tampering Case

8/23/2014 - Rally Drivers Have Monster Crash And Even More Hilarious Response

8/23/2014 - Watch This Russian Rocket Explode Resulting In A Massive Shockwave

8/23/2014 - Russian Proton-M Rocket Explodes Resulting In Massive Shock Wave

8/23/2014 - This New Wheel-Locking Invention Could Be Brilliant If It Works

8/23/2014 - You Can Now Book Uber Rides Through United Airlines' App

8/23/2014 - The Bristol Brabazon Was The Prettiest Piece Of Useless Scrap Ever

8/23/2014 - The Bristol Brabazon Was The Prettiest Piece Of Useless Scrap Ever

8/23/2014 - Now You Can Own The Most Beautiful Volvo Shooting Brake Ever Made

8/23/2014 - Free Flight Ticket Giveaway Becomes Mob Scene

8/23/2014 - Watch This Lamborghini Race Car Completely Flip End Over Nasty End

8/23/2014 - The Dodge Challenger Was The Beast Of An Era

8/23/2014 - Weekend Motorsports Roundup, August 23-24, 2014

8/22/2014 - ​Struggling Supercar Maker So Desperate It Turns To Kickstarter

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8/22/2014 - Soaring Race Car Crash Puts Ricky Bobby To Shame

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8/22/2014 - Chinese Su-27 Fighter Jet Did A Barrel Roll Over A USN P-8

8/22/2014 - Is This A Real Prototype Jeep Pickup, Or Just A Home-Made One-Off?

8/22/2014 - What Would You Buy With $544,000 In Stripper Money?

8/22/2014 - ​Jim Glickenhaus' SCG 003 Will Be Powered By A Twin-Turbo Honda V6

8/22/2014 - What The Hell Does Everyone Get Wrong About Eau Rouge? An Explainer

8/22/2014 - Russia Just 'Invaded' Ukraine With Mysterious 'Aid' Trucks

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8/22/2014 - Any Car Could Be Autonomous With A Robot Chauffeur

8/22/2014 - The Greatest 'Big' Ferraris

8/22/2014 - How Ford's New Cobra-Head Shaped Exhaust Helps Make Heaps Of Power

8/22/2014 - What Car Is Most Unfairly Pigeonholed?

8/22/2014 - Jeremy Clarkson Gets The Ice Bucket, Calls His Kids 'Motherfuckers'

8/22/2014 - The Ten Most Daring Rescue Missions Ever Attempted

8/22/2014 - Sub-Prime Lending Firm Gets Fined For Screwing Buyers

8/22/2014 - The Ultimate Coachbuilt Jaguar Shooting Brake Can Be Yours Now

8/22/2014 - Russia's Giant Soviet Era Lightning Machine Is Terrifying

8/22/2014 - Chrysler Isn't So Sure About This Aluminum Truck Thing

8/22/2014 - Parental PSA – Car Seats Belong In Bags When You Fly

8/22/2014 - British Cops Keep Calm And Crash A Wayward Car Speeding Against Traffic

8/22/2014 - ​Volvo's New Testing Center Is A Wonderful Playground Wasted On Robots

8/22/2014 - American Driver Booted From F1 Race Before It Even Starts

8/22/2014 - The Band – 'The Weight'

8/22/2014 - This 1986 Straman-Chopped Honda CRX Asks $10,000

8/21/2014 - ​This Nutty Bastard Rode A Honda Grom From Portland To Alaska

8/21/2014 - Can A Crossover Out Drag A BMW M3?

8/21/2014 - ​Google Wanted To Keep Secrets About Its Self-Driving Cars

8/21/2014 - Honda Accord Remains Most Stolen Car In America

8/21/2014 - Aston Martin Has To Make These Deconstructed LED Tail Lights Happen

8/21/2014 - Eau Rouge, Onboard, Every Year From 1991-2013

8/21/2014 - A Tribute To The Most Un-Appreciated Light: The Cornering Light

8/21/2014 - Precision Drifting A BMW M4 Around Owners' M-Cars

8/21/2014 - Report: New Land Rover Defender Design Is Done, Looks Nothing Like DC100

8/21/2014 - The Shredder Eats Mines Raw For Lunch & Cooks Them For Dinner

8/21/2014 - Vintage Movies Of Jalopy Races With Elevator Muzak Are Oddly Soothing

8/21/2014 - I Saw All The Cool Stuff At Pebble Beach Without Spending a Dime

8/21/2014 - This Corvair Trike Is A Cooler DeltaWing

8/21/2014 - Is The Ferrari FF A Genuine Daily Driver?

8/21/2014 - What's Your Country's Chevy Monte Carlo?

8/21/2014 - The Lamborghini Huracán Super Trofeo Got Rear-Wheel Drive With 620 HP!

8/21/2014 - Flooded Salt Flats Viewed From A Drone Looks Like A Freaky Sci-Fi Set

8/21/2014 - Timelapse Shows How Airbus Built Emirates' 50th A380

8/21/2014 - This Gruff Old Army Truck Has The Perfect License Plate

8/21/2014 - These Armored Cars Are Unbelievably Inconspicuous

8/21/2014 - 40 Years Of The Volvo 240: Why People Still Love The Slow Swedish Boat

8/21/2014 - This Is The 'Olympics' Of Truck Driving

8/21/2014 - Cheaper Tie-Downs, $50 off $125 at Advance, Wet/Dry Vacs [Deals]

8/21/2014 - Rallying America's Fastest Private Subaru In The Forests Of Maine

8/21/2014 - The 2015 Mustang EcoBoost Will Get 31 MPG On The Higway

8/21/2014 - How Sideways Can You Go In An Old American Land Yacht?

8/21/2014 - The Daily Mail Thinks The Hindustan Ambassador Is A "Sports Car"

8/21/2014 - ​Google Required To Add Controls To Its Self-Driving Cars

8/21/2014 - Miniguns In HD At Dusk Look Like Lead Laser Cannons

8/21/2014 - Why Is This Mystery Bugatti Veyron Gathering Dust In A Chinese Garage?

8/21/2014 - What's The Most Daring Rescue Mission Ever Attempted?

8/21/2014 - An American Driver Is Racing In F1 Again

8/21/2014 - Volcanic Ash Can Choke A Jet Engine

8/21/2014 - The Top Ten Driving Test Horror Stories Ever

8/21/2014 - The Best Volvo 240s Ever

8/21/2014 - Here's The Full-Scale BMW i8 Model That You Never Knew You Wanted

8/21/2014 - You Don't Need To "Figure Out" Women To Sell Them A Car

8/21/2014 - 2015 Chevy Silverado Gets Big Wheels & Racing Stripes As Factory Options

8/21/2014 - Matthew McConaughey Will Save Lincoln...

8/21/2014 - Rumor Has It Dan Gilbert Is Trying To Buy Robb Report

8/21/2014 - Ford Is Planning A Dedicated Hybrid To Take On The Prius

8/21/2014 - Charli XCX -- 'Boom Clap'

8/21/2014 - For $29,000, This 1991 Mazda Miata Has A Surprising V8

8/21/2014 - The 2015 Chevy Corvette's 29 MPG Highway Is Better Than A VW Passat

8/20/2014 - This Is What A 1000 Horsepower Honda Odyssey Sounds Like

8/20/2014 - Have Some Interesting Car-Drawing Tips From A Guy Who Drew Dick Tracy

8/20/2014 - Camaro Driver Does Donuts On The Golden Gate Bridge

8/20/2014 - The Deeply Ugly Youabian Puma Is Now On Video! NSFAnything!

8/20/2014 - Audi Le Mans Winner André Lotterer Will Race In F1

8/20/2014 - ​A 315-HP Yamaha FZ1 Is Basically Unridable

8/20/2014 - US Special Forces Were Sent Into Syria To Find American Captives

8/20/2014 - US Special Forces Were Sent Into Syria To Find American Captives

8/20/2014 - ​Check Out A Slew Of McLarens Before The Sonoma Grand Prix

8/20/2014 - Watch This Oversize Load Completely Take Out A (Small) Building

8/20/2014 - Dude Passes Out On A Chinese Subway, Mass Hysteria Ensues

8/20/2014 - Watch This Superhuman Driver Try To Drift While Getting Tazed

8/20/2014 - Four Pilots Missing As Fireball Engulfs Colliding Tornado Attack Jets

8/20/2014 - Land Rover Defender Racing Is What I Want To Do All Day Every Day

8/20/2014 - Junkies Are Stealing Car Charging Cables For Copper

8/20/2014 - New Search For MH370 Will Cover 23,000 Square Miles

8/20/2014 - A Brief History Of How The Aftermarket Invented GM's 4WD Trucks

8/20/2014 - Feds Want American Teens To Just Get Drunk And Have Sex In The Woods

8/20/2014 - Our New Hero Made An Amphibious Volvo 240 Wagon

8/20/2014 - Hamas Warns It Will Attack Israeli Airport Within Hours

8/20/2014 - Stories From 'The World's Highest Road' Amid Disappearing Glaciers

8/20/2014 - Here Are Ten More Future Classics Under $20k That Could Make You Money

8/20/2014 - 70% off Wiper Blades, Free Fix-A-Flat, Cheaper Floor Mats [Deals]

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8/20/2014 - Here's Ten More Future Classics Under $20k That Could Make You Money

8/20/2014 - Land Rover Defender Racing Is What I Want To Do All Day Every Day

8/20/2014 - Infiniti Press Release Warns They're About To Do Something Embarassing

8/20/2014 - Offroading In Alaska, Cadillac Style

8/20/2014 - Starting A Vehicle Restoration Project: A Fierce Whirlwind Of Emotions

8/20/2014 - BMW Owner Hits Jerry Seinfeld's 911 RSR, Gives No Fucks

8/20/2014 - Lightning Can Kill You In Cars Now So We Might As Well Give Up

8/20/2014 - Casino Loses $21,000 Left On Armored Car's Roof

8/20/2014 - ​What's Your Awful Driving Test Story?

8/20/2014 - The Ten Cars That Look The Most Like People

8/20/2014 - Crash Testing For Trucks Is Way More Hardcore Than You Thought

8/20/2014 - The Challenger Hellcat May Be The Ultimate Horsepower-Per-Dollar Deal

8/20/2014 - Sonic Automotive Will Challenge CarMax With Used Car Franchises

8/20/2014 - This Lifted Lincoln Limo Is Way Cooler Than Your Stretch Hummer

8/20/2014 - Cadillac To Build A Big Flagship Sedan Aimed At Pummeling The 7-Series

8/20/2014 - Honda Calls Out Automakers For Their Stupid Bullshit

8/20/2014 - Hertz Should Offer The Ford Focus ST-H In The US, But They're Not

8/20/2014 - Construction On The Packard Plant Supposedly Begins Next Month

8/20/2014 - George Ezra – 'Budapest'

8/20/2014 - The First Chinese-Built Infiniti Is A Longer Q50

8/20/2014 - Could A “1991 Dodge Shelby CSX Convertible” Pull $11,500?

8/19/2014 - A Look Into The Life Of A Sprint Car Driver

8/19/2014 - ​If You're Doing Pebble, Do It On A Bike

8/19/2014 - 99.6% Of Melbourne Taxi Drivers Fail Melbourne Taxi Driver Test

8/19/2014 - Watch A Group B Audi Quattro Destroy A £30,000 Camera

8/19/2014 - ​I Can't Stop Watching This Bike Crash Break The Laws Of Physics

8/19/2014 - Happy Aviation Day To All You Planelopniks

8/19/2014 - Buyers Are Paying Over A Million Dollars Just To Secure A La Ferrari

8/19/2014 - It's National Aviation Day!

8/19/2014 - ​Trick Shots Are Better On Two Wheels

8/19/2014 - 'Naked And Funny Motorcycle Girl' Video Does Not Go The Way You Expect

8/19/2014 - Why The Lane Motor Museum Is My New Favorite Auto Museum

8/19/2014 - ​I Can't Stop Watching This Bike Crash Break The Laws Of Physics

8/19/2014 - I Got Paid $1,000 To Park My Ferrari On A Movie Set

8/19/2014 - You Can Buy This Ex-Royal Air Force TriStar Tanker For $1.75M

8/19/2014 - You Can Shoot This BMW X5 With An AK-47 And Drive It Away

8/19/2014 - Over A Hundred Muscle Cars Shut Down Multiple Bay Area Highways At Once

8/19/2014 - Can A Drift Car Surf On Tire Smoke?

8/19/2014 - Trim-To-Fit Mats, Tie Down Everything, Upgrade Your Tools [Deals]

8/19/2014 - Here's The Easiest Way To Make The Car Film Of Your Dreams

8/19/2014 - Lada Drivers Do It Sideways

8/19/2014 - Here's The Easiest Way To Make The Car Film Of Your Dreams

8/19/2014 - This Classic Porsche Racing Onboard Is Like Watching A War Film

8/19/2014 - The Seat Leon Cupra Sub8 Is A Celebration Of Nürburgring Excellence

8/19/2014 - What You Learn Driving The Countach And Miura Back To Back

8/19/2014 - ​What's The Most Anthropomorphic Car?

8/19/2014 - Holley's 1967 Chevy C10 Truck Is Restomod Done Right

8/19/2014 - Ten Cars There Were Never Enough Of

8/19/2014 - This Is Why Sprint Cars Can Be Dangerous For The Officials, Too

8/19/2014 - The New Skoda Fabia Makes Me Wanna Build A Rally Car

8/19/2014 - Is Saab Cursed?

8/19/2014 - A Guided Tour Of The Electric Shelby That Took Pebble Beach By Storm

8/19/2014 - Audi Owner Furious After Mechanic Took His Car Home For The Weekend

8/19/2014 - Queens Of The Stone Age -- '3's & 7's'

8/19/2014 - The Jaguar XE Is A Warm Wi-Fi Hotspot You Can Start With Your Phone

8/19/2014 - A 1972 Mercedes 309D Bus For $16,800?

8/18/2014 - Bugatti Made Another Special Edition, Yawn

8/18/2014 - James May's Cars Of The People, Episode 2, Video Open Thread

8/18/2014 - Mercedes Is Actually Testing Its Enormous New Maybach Around The Ring

8/18/2014 - Sad Russian Driver Can't Escape Kierkegaard's Parking Lot

8/18/2014 - This 1954 Ferrari 375 MM Scaglietti Coupe Won Pebble Beach

8/18/2014 - Video Of X-47B & F/A-18 Carrier Ops Shows The Future Of Naval Aviation

8/18/2014 - How The US Government Could Kill Aston Martin

8/18/2014 - Why The New Ram Trucks Boss Picked A Great & Awful Time To Get Promoted

8/18/2014 - This Is The Most Stunning Carrier Ops Footage Since Top Gun

8/18/2014 - 17-Year-Old Kid Will Race In Formula 1 Next Year

8/18/2014 - Is This The World's Ugliest Pagani Huayra?

8/18/2014 - Broke College Student Reveals He Lived In A Ford Focus For A Year

8/18/2014 - Can Modern Vehicles Pull Off The 'Derelict' Look?

8/18/2014 - The 2015 Corvette Turned A Data Logger Into The Best Valet Mode Ever

8/18/2014 - Wait, Did The First-Gen Honda Fit Suck?

8/18/2014 - Meet The XCOR 'Lynx' – The Sportscar Of Spacecraft

8/18/2014 - This Is How You Wrap A Ford V8 Properly

8/18/2014 - Svelte Jump Starter, Meguiar's Clay, Pioneer Stereo [Deals]

8/18/2014 - Excuse Me While I Faint: Mountain Drift Onboard

8/18/2014 - How One New Drone Tech Finally Allows All-Seeing Surveillance

8/18/2014 - Ford Everest SUVs Spied In Nebraska: More Evidence They'll Be Sold Here?

8/18/2014 - How One New Drone Tech Finally Allows All-Seeing Surveillance

8/18/2014 - The Sensational Steering Wheels Of Pebble Beach

8/18/2014 - Hookers, Killers, And Spies: More Of The Craziest Car Buyers

8/18/2014 - What Car Was There Never Enough Of?

8/18/2014 - Please Do Not Ride A Motorcycle In Just A Thong [NSFW]

8/18/2014 - The Ten Biggest Car Shows In The World

8/18/2014 - The Ferrari 365 P Berlinetta 'Tre Posti' Didn't Sell For $23.5 Million

8/18/2014 - Britain, Australia, Japan And More: This Is Your 2015 Ford Mustang

8/18/2014 - World's Most-Pierced Man Is Not Allowed Into Dubai

8/18/2014 - Bump-Starting A Pagani Zonda Is A Wonderfully Ridiculous Activity

8/18/2014 - Big McLargehuge To Alfa Romeo And The State Of Italian Cars In America

8/18/2014 - Sub Prime Auto Loans Might Not Bubble After All

8/18/2014 - The Saleen FourSixteen Is The Electric M5 You've Been Waiting For

8/18/2014 - Grizzly Bear – 'Sleeping Ute'

8/18/2014 - Is This Honda-Swapped 2006 Lotus Elise A Bargain At $39,000?

8/17/2014 - Watch As A Hero Trucker Saves Family From Crash, Explosion, Inferno

8/17/2014 - What's The Scariest Horror Film Starring a Killer Car, or Truck?

8/17/2014 - This Geo Metro Convertible Only Has 548 Miles And Could Be Yours

8/17/2014 - These Are The Insane Lengths F1 Drivers Go Through To Beat The Heat

8/17/2014 - A Night Air Show Is The Best Air Show

8/17/2014 - Watching These Drag Racers Explode In Slow Motion Is Hypnotizing

8/17/2014 - Navy Makes History With Integrated Unmanned-Manned Carrier Ops

8/17/2014 - Why Detroit Still Matters To Car Enthusiasts

8/17/2014 - Holy Crap There's An Ultra-Rare Maserati MC12 Race Car On Public Roads

8/17/2014 - A Night Air Show Is The Best Air Show

8/17/2014 - Woodward Dream Cruise Photo Explosion, Part 3

8/17/2014 - Woodward Dream Cruise Photo Explosion, Part 2

8/17/2014 - Here's The Insanely Rare BMW E30 M3 Barn Find Of Your Dreams

8/17/2014 - Watch Syrian Troops Fire Massive Scud Missiles At Their Own People

8/17/2014 - Watch Syrian Troops Fire Massive Scud Missiles At Their Own People

8/17/2014 - This Fiat Spider Might Be Worth The Cost Of Ownership

8/17/2014 - Why Detroit Still Matters To Car Enthusiasts

8/16/2014 - Your Ridiculously Awesome Subaru WRX Race Car Wallpaper Is Here

8/16/2014 - Driving On The Wrong Side Of The Car Is Massively Confusing

8/16/2014 - Elon Musk Gets Bucket Of Water Dumped On Him, So Many Questions Arise

8/16/2014 - The Fiat Lounge Is The Most Comfortable Place On Woodward

8/16/2014 - Olympic Wrestler Faces Charges For Shooting Deer At Car Dealership

8/16/2014 - This Weird, Blasé French Car Chase Scene Is A Must-See

8/16/2014 - Russia's Massive Mystery Convoy & A Phantom Battle Inside Ukraine

8/16/2014 - Russia's Massive Mystery Convoy & A Phantom Battle Inside Ukraine

8/16/2014 - Stormchasing In A 62-Year-Old Plane Provides A Glimpse Into The Future

8/16/2014 - You Could Get The Sporty Ford Falcon GS With Sport Everything

8/16/2014 - Will There Be A Hellcat-Nismo Showdown In Detroit This Weekend?

8/16/2014 - Weekend Motorsports Roundup, August 16-17, 2014

8/15/2014 - Singer's New 911 Is 4 Liters Of Golden Chocolate Lusciousness

8/15/2014 - The McLaren P1 GTR Is A 986 Horsepower Lesson In Insanity

8/15/2014 - The Best German Porn From Monterey

8/15/2014 - ​Ford Focus ST Forum Complaints Spark Wiring Harness Recall

8/15/2014 - Rally Spectator Gives Zero Fucks

8/15/2014 - What Do You Want To Know About The Mazda Eunos Cosmo?

8/15/2014 - Is This The Best Sounding Race Car Ever Made?

8/15/2014 - Try And Hold Your Nerve In This Lightspeed Rally Onboard

8/15/2014 - Here's Ten Minutes Of Sliding Alfa Romeos For Your Friday

8/15/2014 - Tesla Now Offers Infinite-Mile Warranty

8/15/2014 - Forget Pebble, 'International Nationals' Is The Best Car Show In August

8/15/2014 - ​Cross-Country In A Vintage RV, Part Three: How To Ride A Mastadon

8/15/2014 - The Dodge Challenger Is Going Racing

8/15/2014 - The Best Cars Of The Pebble Beach Auction

8/15/2014 - Chris Harris Pits The New Volkswagen Golf R Against The BMW M235i

8/15/2014 - Watch How Thunderstorms Affect Air Traffic In Atlanta

8/15/2014 - Watch Dirt Bikers Go Nuts On The World's Only Floating Motocross Track

8/15/2014 - That's A Lotta Veyron

8/15/2014 - Gang Steals $10 Million In Chilean Airport Heist

8/15/2014 - The Lamborghini Huracán Race Car Is The New Evil

8/15/2014 - Five Reasons Why You Need To Buy A BMW Z3 M Right Now

8/15/2014 - Five Reasons Why You Need To Buy A BMW Z3 M Right Now

8/15/2014 - Watch The 2015 Mustang GT Powerslide All The Corners

8/15/2014 - Upgrade Your Car Stereo, Tend Your Battery, Tailgate in Style [Deals]

8/15/2014 - 'I Don't Own A Map:' The Epic Tale Of One Terribly Confused Trucker

8/15/2014 - Jalopnik's First European Car Meetup Was Awesome Thanks To You

8/15/2014 - Watch Kyle Larson Put Your Favorite Drifter's Powerslide To Shame

8/15/2014 - Is Mustang Tuner Steeda Planning A Special 'Last V8' Ford Raptor?

8/15/2014 - Update: The Detroit 'Bait Car' Is Now The 'Bait Bike'

8/15/2014 - Is Mustang Tuner Steeda Planning A Special 'Last V8' Ford Raptor?

8/15/2014 - Watch These F-5 Freedom Fighter Demo Team Jets Almost Collide

8/15/2014 - Pending Replies Are Back And Should Solve Some Problems

8/15/2014 - Video: How Much Lexus Can You Get For $600?

8/15/2014 - What's The Biggest Car Show In The World?

8/15/2014 - The Ten Greatest Cars That Make No Sense At All

8/15/2014 - Should You Take A 72 Month Auto Loan?

8/15/2014 - Is The Jaguar F-Type Project 7 Pretty Enough To Cost $165,000?

8/15/2014 - Is Your Car Faster Than The 204 MPH Dodge Charger Hellcat?

8/15/2014 - Midwest Drift Union Is Back In Detroit -- With An Extra Day

8/15/2014 - How, When, And Why To Modify Your Car

8/15/2014 - We'll See Younger Drivers And More Imports At Woodward Dream Cruise

8/15/2014 - The Renovo Coupe Is An Electric Shelby With 1,000 LB-FT Of Torque

8/15/2014 - This Is What A Mercedes G-Wagen Should Really Be About

8/15/2014 - This Is The Best Movie Chase Scene You've Never Seen

8/15/2014 - This May Be The Best Weekend For Cars In America

8/15/2014 - Rally Fighter Looks Spectacular In Forza Horizon 2 Video Game Debut

8/15/2014 - White Denim - 'At Night In Dreams'

8/15/2014 - Could A Grey Market 1989 Nissan Pao Be Worth $5,899?

8/15/2014 - Watch A Rally Driver Put Your Favorite Drifter's Reverse Entry To Shame

8/14/2014 - You Need To See The Cars At This American Rally In The Year 2000

8/14/2014 - Cheap-Ass Ferrari 250 GTO Sells For Just $38 Million

8/14/2014 - Here's Even More Renders Of The Kickass 2015 Roush Ford Mustang

8/14/2014 - Crash d'Concours Just Won Pebble (And It's Barely Begun)

8/14/2014 - The Roads At Rally Germany Are Completely Nuts

8/14/2014 - Lincoln Has A Smell Now

8/14/2014 - What Would You Buy Instead Of A Mercedes G63 AMG?

8/14/2014 - Tony Stewart Sitting Out Another Race After Fatal Sprint Car Crash

8/14/2014 - Tumbleweed Fire Tornado Looks Like Hell Itself Is Bleeding Onto Earth

8/14/2014 - The Dodge Charger Hellcat Is The First Mass-Produced 200 MPH Family Car

8/14/2014 - Forget The New One, This Is The Maserati Ghibli You Really Want

8/14/2014 - The One USAF Thunderbird Demo Plane That Suited Up For Combat

8/14/2014 - The Tesla Model X Will Devour Everything Like A Furious Starving T-Rex

8/14/2014 - This Alfa Romeo Concept Represents The Future We Needed

8/14/2014 - Four Days And No Food: Traffic At An Ebola-Locked Border

8/14/2014 - Malaysia Air Passenger Accuses Flight Attendant Of Sexual Assault

8/14/2014 - Watch A BMW 640d Gran Coupe Conquer One Of The World's Best Roads

8/14/2014 - Rally Fighter Looks Spectacular In Forza Horizon 2 Digital Debut

8/14/2014 - Sorry, Folks: Modifications Don’t Increase Your Car’s Value

8/14/2014 - Pope Francis Rocks Kia Soul For South Korea Visit, Has Great Taste

8/14/2014 - Eastern Europe Has Some Of The World's Best Car Enthusiasts

8/14/2014 - 'Suspected' Thief Recorded Dragging Safe Behind Car

8/14/2014 - Triple Gadget Car Charger, X-Cargo Carrier, Automatic [Deals]

8/14/2014 - Boobs, Beatdowns and Chicken Buckets: These Are The Craziest Car Buyers

8/14/2014 - Can You Go Offroading In An Old Audi?

8/14/2014 - Jet Dives 5,000 Feet As One Pilot Sleeps, Other Uses Tablet

8/14/2014 - Maniacs At Sturgis Prove You Can Do Stunts On A Harley-Davidson

8/14/2014 - Boobs, Beatdowns and Chicken Buckets: These Are The Craziest Car Buyers

8/14/2014 - Watch The Stig Bungee Jump An F1 Car

8/14/2014 - Off-Road Aggressor Chevrolet Silverado Reaper Is Released To The Wild

8/14/2014 - The Aston Martin Nobody Will Buy

8/14/2014 - What's The Greatest Car That Made No Sense At All?

8/14/2014 - Some 40,000 Land Rovers Recalled Over Confused Air Bag Systems

8/14/2014 - How Police Departments Became Armies

8/14/2014 - This Commercial Will Inspire You To Finally Take That Big Adventure

8/14/2014 - The Ten Fastest Sedans Ever Made

8/14/2014 - This Crazy Badass Mercedes-Benz Belonged To The King Of Iraq

8/14/2014 - ​Cross-Country In A Vintage RV, Part Two: The Non-Quickening

8/14/2014 - Everything Is Sunny All The Time Always, Analysts Say

8/14/2014 - The Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat's Exhaust Sounds Absolutely Ferocious

8/14/2014 - The Toyota FT-1 's New Look Will Make You Want A New Supra So Bad

8/14/2014 - Michigan's Governor Compared Flooding To Leaky Roof At Vacation Home

8/14/2014 - Justice -- 'New Lands'

8/14/2014 - This 1971 Ford Torino Wagon Wants $5,900

8/13/2014 - The Audi A8 Could Have Looked Like This Retrofuture Streamliner

8/13/2014 - Alfa Romeo May Build A 500 HP BMW M3-Fighting Super Sedan

8/13/2014 - List Your Ride In Less Than 60 Seconds With This App

8/13/2014 - Truck Racers Are Tearing Up A Town Filming An Insane Stunt Movie

8/13/2014 - This Might Be The Greatest Air-Cooled 911 Droptop Ever Made

8/13/2014 - Here’s What Happened When I Went Hypermiling In a Honda Insight

8/13/2014 - This Blind Guy Just Set A World Record And Broke The 200-MPH Mark

8/13/2014 - This Brand-New $136,625 Mercedes Might Be The Worst Thing I've Driven

8/13/2014 - The New Hot Detroit Trend: Walking Around The Streets With Rifles

8/13/2014 - Dodge Refuses To Build A Hellcat Dart

8/13/2014 - ​Saleen's Tuned Tesla Is Called The FourSixteen

8/13/2014 - The Prettiest B-17 Flying Fortress Was The Gorgeous XB-38

8/13/2014 - The Prettiest B-17 Flying Fortress Was The XB-38

8/13/2014 - Dealers, Tell Us Your Craziest Customer Stories

8/13/2014 - ​No, Google Isn't Building An Autonomous Motorcycle… Yet

8/13/2014 - Deals: $20 Mechanics Set, iPad Stand for Your Garage, Dustbuster

8/13/2014 - This Brand-New $136,625 Mercedes Might Be The Worst Thing I've Driven

8/13/2014 - Now You Can Buy A Dodge Viper For The Price Of A Used Camry

8/13/2014 - Ford Fiesta ST Vs. Fiat 500 Abarth: Which To Buy?

8/13/2014 - Jumping The Cockroach Of Cars

8/13/2014 - ​You'll Never Give Your Uber Driver Directions Again

8/13/2014 - Pagani Exists Because Lamborghini Didn't Give A Shit About Carbon Fiber

8/13/2014 - Caught On Video: Cop Saves Woman From Choking On Hot Dog

8/13/2014 - The 204 MPH Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat: A Hi-Res Gallery

8/13/2014 - Nats' Jayson Werth Nailed In Virginia For Driving 105 MPH In A 55 Zone

8/13/2014 - What Are The World's Fastest Sedans?

8/13/2014 - Driving The Original Range Rover Coupe: Lovely Idea, Lousy Execution

8/13/2014 - Ten Video Game Vehicles That Should Be Real

8/13/2014 - Watch This Air Tanker Yaw Like Mad While Dropping Fire Retardant

8/13/2014 - The 707 HP Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat: The World's Most Powerful Sedan

8/13/2014 - Apple Shot A Commercial In Detroit; It's Great But Also Sucks

8/13/2014 - The 2016 Chevy Niva Will Crush Your Puny Western Compact SUVs

8/13/2014 - Watch This Beautiful Time-Lapse Video From Singapore's Changi Airport

8/13/2014 - Can A 'Bait Car' Stop Car Thieves?

8/13/2014 - Meet The Dodge Viper Track Car That Can Trash Race Cars [UPDATE]

8/13/2014 - Automotive Social Media Campaigns Can't Even Sell Cars To Millennials

8/13/2014 - What's The Best Car For Pebble Beach?

8/13/2014 - Primitive Radio Gods - Standing Outside A Broken Phone Booth With Money In My Hand

8/13/2014 - A 1984 BMW 745i Turbo for $2,800?

8/13/2014 - HOORAY! Caterham Will Build Two New Lightweight Demons Just For America

8/12/2014 - ​Sociopathic Family Holds Pool To Bet On Dead Bikers At Sturgis

8/12/2014 - Zagato Built Another One Of Those Weird Lamborghinis For Some Reason

8/12/2014 - The Ford Focus ST Just Wants You To Have Fun

8/12/2014 - ​Tesla Looking To Hire Up To 30 Hackers To Prevent Pwning

8/12/2014 - Selling On Craigslist: This Guy Is Doing It Right

8/12/2014 - Is This History's Weirdest-Looking Coachbuilt Car?

8/12/2014 - ​Forza 5 Adds Renault Formula E, Eau Rouge, And… Rolls-Royce Wraith?

8/12/2014 - Saab's New Owner NEVS Faces Bankruptcy Demand

8/12/2014 - I Drove A Vintage Porsche And I Get It Now

8/12/2014 - This Shop Restores Vintage Stock Cars

8/12/2014 - Sheriff: Tony Stewart Investigation Could Take 'Two Weeks Or More'

8/12/2014 - Even The Most Basic Racing Is A Total Mind And Body Experience

8/12/2014 - ​Cross-Country In A Vintage RV, Day One: The First Day

8/12/2014 - Canopy Roofs Will Always Be Cool

8/12/2014 - 2014 Ford Fiesta ST: The Jalopnik Review

8/12/2014 - Most Travelers Have Zero Loyalty To A Particular Airline

8/12/2014 - Modern Cars Are Too Complicated To Own Forever

8/12/2014 - The Dodge Charger Hellcat Is Almost Certainly Coming Tomorrow

8/12/2014 - Deals: 3M Scratch Removal, Buy Two Armor All Wipes, Get One Free

8/12/2014 - How Friendly Competition In Firefighter Training Almost Killed Me

8/12/2014 - There's A 1000 Horsepower Secret Audi In This Press Picture

8/12/2014 - Mini Tweets Unintentionally (?) Suggestive Countryman Photo

8/12/2014 - Who Says You Need Rear-Wheel Drive To Do Donuts?

8/12/2014 - Driving A Ferrari F40 In The Swiss Alps: There Is Nothing Better

8/12/2014 - This Is The View From Inside A Sprint Car

8/12/2014 - Cop Gets Into Impromptu Dance-Off, Loses Spectacularly, Makes Us Smile

8/12/2014 - What Is Lease Equity And How Can I Use It?

8/12/2014 - What Video Game Car Should Be Real?

8/12/2014 - The Ten Best Car Dealership Experiences Ever

8/12/2014 - Watching A Range Rover Get Restored In Fast-Motion Is So Satisfying

8/12/2014 - How To Make A Used Audi Sedan Sound Like A Lamborghini

8/12/2014 - New Airline Offers NYC to Paris Business Class For About $1,000

8/12/2014 - 'Decepticons Punish & Enslave' Maserati Driver Impersonated A Cop

8/12/2014 - Jeep Stuck In Snowbank Makes Man Go Incredible Hulk Apeshit Mad

8/12/2014 - Is Uber Screwing With Lyft?

8/12/2014 - Lots Of Metro Detroit Is Underwater

8/12/2014 - Jaguar Brings Back The Lightweight E-Type And It Is Unbelievably Sexy

8/12/2014 - Here's How To Submit Your Car Films To The Jalopnik Film Festival

8/12/2014 - Phil Collins -- 'Sussudio'

8/12/2014 - The 2015 Volvo XC90 Headlights Look Like Thor's Hammer

8/12/2014 - It's OK For Hippies To Squat In Detroit's Blight, Because Privilege

8/12/2014 - Is This Land Cruiser/VW Mashup Worth Assembling $10,000?

8/12/2014 - Heroic Iraqi Helo Crew Saves Stranded Yazidis From Hell On Mt. Sinjar

8/11/2014 - Watch A Hit-And-Run Where The Only Victim Is A Spewing Hydrant

8/11/2014 - ​The McLaren 650S Sprint Is The GT3's Slightly Less Sinister Sibling

8/11/2014 - Chinese Lamborghini Aventador Gets Stranded On Some Rocks

8/11/2014 - Son Surprises Mom With Her Dream Car: A Gorgeous Copper 1973 Saab 99

8/11/2014 - This Is What It's Like To Almost Get Killed By A Mini Cooper

8/11/2014 - Strange Things Happen When You Turbo A GSXR

8/11/2014 - ​Consumer Reports Having Issues With Its Tesla Model S, Too

8/11/2014 - Here's How The Ford Bronco Was Introduced On This Date, 49 Years Ago

8/11/2014 - The First-Ever Range Rover Has Been Found & Restored, Now It's For Sale

8/11/2014 - This Is The Best Way To Tell The Story Of The Mazda Miata

8/11/2014 - BMW's Free Ultimate Driving Experience Is Better Than Some Track Days

8/11/2014 - Nissan Xterra + Juke Nismo Mashup Looks Like A Street-Legal Lunar Rover

8/11/2014 - BMW's Free Ultimate Driving Experience Is Better Than Some Track Days

8/11/2014 - How Honda's 'Ad Police' Crack Down On Dealerships

8/11/2014 - What The Hell Is This?

8/11/2014 - Ukrainian Soldiers Build An Improvised Armored Truck A-Team Style

8/11/2014 - Get Onboard A Brand New Vintage Audi Quattro In Finland

8/11/2014 - After Forty Years Of Farm Life This '69 Scout Gets A Rolling Restoration

8/11/2014 - Hennessey's 638 HP Camaro Z/28 Is Like Chevy's Porsche 911 GT2

8/11/2014 - The Squarest Volvo Ever Is Also Totally Badass: Off-Roading The C303

8/11/2014 - The Squarest Volvo Ever Is Also Totally Badass: Off-Roading The C303

8/11/2014 - Deals: Automatic Driving Assistant, Smartphone Dash Mounts, Toolbox

8/11/2014 - BMW E34: Will It Drift?

8/11/2014 - Is This The Most Controversial Ferrari Ever?

8/11/2014 - The Chevy Malibu Is Meh, But The 4G LTE Was Fantastic

8/11/2014 - Watch This NASCAR Driver Do A Bodywork-Ripping Quadruple Barrel Roll

8/11/2014 - What's Your Best Dealership Experience Story?

8/11/2014 - The Ten Most Misunderstood Secret Military Projects

8/11/2014 - The Nissan GT-R Is Definitely The Rarest Vehicle At Any Car Show

8/11/2014 - Fishing Boat Hauls In Plane Wreckage Along With Its Catch

8/11/2014 - The Ten Best Getaway Cars You Can Buy On eBay Under $5,000

8/11/2014 - The 2016 Mazda Miata Lies Under This Blue Sheet

8/11/2014 - What's The Best Example Of A Car As A Movie Character?

8/11/2014 - Golden Hour Makes Cars Look Stunning, Even In The '70s

8/11/2014 - Detroit Woman Who Taught Stevie Wonder How To Play Piano Is Flat Broke

8/11/2014 - Why The TLX Might Be The Most Important Acura Ever

8/11/2014 - Watch A 6x6 G-Wagen Bully Its Way Around A Racetrack Full Of Supercars

8/11/2014 - The Range Rover Sport SVR Is The Fastest Land Rover Ever

8/11/2014 - Rick James -- 'Mary Jane'

8/11/2014 - A Semi-Truck Spilled Shit All Over A Michigan Highway

8/11/2014 - Sheriff: No Charges Pending Against Tony Stewart In Fatal Crash

8/11/2014 - The Range Rover Sport SVR Is The Fastest Land Rover Ever

8/11/2014 - Could You See Paying $18,500 For This 1970 VW Type 3 Notch?

8/10/2014 - Here's The Homemade German Restomod You've Always Wanted

8/10/2014 - Top Gear's James May's Cars Of The People Video Open Thread

8/10/2014 - Russia Reportedly Chases Sub, Sends Bombers Flying Toward US Border

8/10/2014 - Here Is Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About A French Spaceship

8/10/2014 - What We Don't Know About Tony Stewart And Last Night's Crash

8/10/2014 - These Truckers Have No Sympathy For Car Crashing After Cutting Them Off

8/10/2014 - Tony Stewart, Ward Family React To Death Of Kevin Ward, Jr. [UPDATE]

8/10/2014 - Making A Career Shift To Emergency Medicine

8/10/2014 - A Superformance GT40 Is The GT40 You Want To Hoon

8/10/2014 - NASCAR Drivers React On Twitter To The Death Of Kevin Ward, Jr.

8/10/2014 - Hackers Can't 'Cyberhijack' Planes, But Can Still Cause Problems

8/10/2014 - Is This 240Z Worth $23k For Rising Sun Rear-Drive Bliss?

8/10/2014 - Take A Break And Relax With A Little Old Mercedes

8/10/2014 - Sepahan Airlines Flight Crashes in Iran, Killing 38 (UPDATED)

8/10/2014 - Tony Stewart Will Not Race Today After Fatal Incident [UPDATE]

8/10/2014 - Driver Kevin Ward, Jr. Killed In Incident With Tony Stewart

8/9/2014 - United's 'Origami Airplane' Isn't Really Origami

8/9/2014 - Your Ridiculously Awesome Porsche Carrera RS Wallpaper Is Here

8/9/2014 - Russia's Fast And Elusive TOPOL-M Ballistic Missile Is Scary As Hell

8/9/2014 - Cement Truck Hits Car, Plows On Through Because Who Knows Anymore

8/9/2014 - You'll Never Find The (Unofficial) Oldest Bridge In New York City

8/9/2014 - Watch This Russian Gas Station Explode In A Massive Fireball

8/9/2014 - Texas Man Arrested For Humping Sexy, Sexy Driveway

8/9/2014 - Investigation Says New Jersey Dealership Sold Rental Cars As 'New'

8/9/2014 - Just FYI, Huffing Hairspray And Driving Counts As A DUI

8/9/2014 - Investigation Says New Jersey Dealership Sold Rental Cars As "New"

8/9/2014 - Citroen Knew How To Sell The Hell Out Of A Car Back In the 1980s

8/8/2014 - Forget A Lamborghini, This Prelude Shoots Flames

8/8/2014 - If You Have Enough Money, Aston Martin Will Do Literally Anything

8/8/2014 - California Bill Could Cap Clean-Vehicle Rebates Based On Income

8/8/2014 - Is This Jaguar The Prettiest Modern Sedan Ever Designed?

8/8/2014 - I Have A Ford Fiesta ST For The Next Week

8/8/2014 - How To Scandinavian Flick: A 1970s Demo

8/8/2014 - eBay Challenge: The Ultimate Getaway Car For Less Than $5,000

8/8/2014 - The Amazing Story Of The Green Beret Who Fought The Taliban His Way

8/8/2014 - What Is This Mysterious BMW 2-Series Prototype Doing In Washington D.C.?

8/8/2014 - Can A Car With No Title Ever Get Legally Back On The Road?

8/8/2014 - Watch As An 18-Wheeler Dangles Off A Texas Overpass

8/8/2014 - Here's The Truth About Ferrari Maintenance Costs

8/8/2014 - Why Would You Want Your Bentley To Be Like Every Other Bentley?

8/8/2014 - ​Uber Is The New GOP Darling Because Freedom

8/8/2014 - What Are Your Favorite Car Films Ever?

8/8/2014 - Local Motors Is Making A Sports Car And You Could Design It

8/8/2014 - Interesting Infographic Breaks 2015 Ford F-150 Down To The Atomic Level

8/8/2014 - How You'd Option Your BMW M3/M4

8/8/2014 - Deals: Coolant Additive, Car Vacuum, 35% off at Advance, Action Cam

8/8/2014 - The Sinister 2015 Dodge Charger Pursuit Is Robocop In Car Form

8/8/2014 - Watch A $200,000 Porsche Panamera Turbo Get Beat On A Dirt Track

8/8/2014 - This Jurassic Park Explorer Is A Race Car

8/8/2014 - Watch A Tesla Model S Fool A Dyno Into Thinking It Has All The Torque

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8/8/2014 - How Does The Last Jaguar XK Stack Up To The F-Type?

8/8/2014 - This One-Of-A-Kind Ferrari Shooting Brake Could Be Yours For $400,000

8/8/2014 - What's Our Most Misunderstood Secret Military Project?

8/8/2014 - Crazy Crash In Maryland Splits Car In Half, Occupants Not Killed

8/8/2014 - These Moving Spectator Seats Need To Be In F1

8/8/2014 - Dealers Pissed 'Wolf Of Wall Street' Is Giving Their Keynote

8/8/2014 - The Final 'Legends' Bugatti Veyron Is Simply Stunning

8/8/2014 - Finally, The Packard Plant Owner Appears Ready To Develop

8/8/2014 - White House Approves Airstrikes And Airdrops For Iraq

8/8/2014 - Masturbating Spark Plug Guy Is Giving Politics One More Try

8/8/2014 - Another Lexus LFA Is Coming, But It Might Take 30 Years

8/8/2014 - Holden Is Making The Fastest 'El Camino' Ever Before It Gets Shut Down

8/8/2014 - Jon Spencer Blues Explosion -- 'She Said'

8/8/2014 - A Custom 1984 Chrysler Fifth Avenue for $4,500?

8/8/2014 - What It's Like To Blast Through Traffic From The Front Seat Of A Cop Car

8/7/2014 - The Flying Cars Of Rally Finland

8/7/2014 - ​Total Moron Endangers Entire Highway To Prove Infiniti Can Drive Itself

8/7/2014 - ​GM Can't Find 139,592 Recalled Cars

8/7/2014 - Jump Into A Rare GT40 Roadster At Le Mans In The Wet And Be Terrified

8/7/2014 - Watch The Jeep Renegade In The New Batman Slide During Its Chase Scene

8/7/2014 - ​Watch Dainese Crash A Ducati To Test Its Airbags

8/7/2014 - Hyundai Hit With $17.35 Million Fine Over Delayed Brake Recall

8/7/2014 - Dodge Will Make Your Base Model Look Like The Sporty Model For $1,590

8/7/2014 - Why Is AREA 51 Building A Mysterious New Hangar And What Will It Hide?

8/7/2014 - Why Is AREA 51 Building A Mysterious New Hangar And What Will It Hide?

8/7/2014 - How You'd Option Your Morgan 3-Wheeler

8/7/2014 - How The 2015 Ford F-150 Saves Another 60 Pounds, Aluminum Aside

8/7/2014 - Boeing Is Developing Jet Fuel Made From Tobacco

8/7/2014 - Can A Heavy BMW M5 Be More Fun Than A Nissan GT-R?

8/7/2014 - Honda Will Start Making Even More Stuff That Isn't Cars

8/7/2014 - Deals: Remote Start Kit, $100 off Tires, Channellock Gift Set

8/7/2014 - Let These Amazing Time-lapses Take You Through The 24 Hours Of Le Mans

8/7/2014 - Porsche 911 GT3s Are Invading WRC Rallies

8/7/2014 - Telegraph Idiot Gets Cars, Women, Men And Top Gear Totally Wrong

8/7/2014 - Former Dealer Owner Imprisoned For Scamming Customers Out Of $10 Million

8/7/2014 - Honda Ridgeline Still Outselling Nissan Titan, Ford Grows Lead Over GM

8/7/2014 - Four Reasons Why You Should Absolutely Never, Ever Buy A Bugatti Veyron

8/7/2014 - Bedtime Argument Saves Child From Plane That Crashed Into His Room

8/7/2014 - A New Chevrolet Volt Is Coming, What Do We Know About It?

8/7/2014 - Four Reasons Why You Should Absolutely Never, Ever Buy A Bugatti Veyron

8/7/2014 - What's The Worst Airport Experience You've Ever Had?

8/7/2014 - Ten Options That Every Car Must Have

8/7/2014 - 2015 Jeep Renegade Will Work For Bruce Wayne In New Batman Movie

8/7/2014 - Let's Kill The 25-Year Import Ban With This White House Petition

8/7/2014 - These Photos Of F-15s Flying Near Towering Forest Fires Are Totally Nuts

8/7/2014 - These Photos Of F-15s Flying Near Towering Forest Fires Are Totally Nuts

8/7/2014 - Lil Wayne Can't Pay The Tab On His Private Jet Travel

8/7/2014 - I'm Not Saying Mercedes Is Gonna Buy Aston, But It's Looking Likely

8/7/2014 - Watch And Listen As The 2015 BMW M3 Goes Ballistic On Track

8/7/2014 - National Guard Ends $40+ Million Sponsorship After Recruiting Nobody

8/7/2014 - Red Hot Chili Peppers -- 'Backwoods'

8/7/2014 - This Custom 1989 Isuzu Trooper Could Be Yours For $6,500!

8/6/2014 - ​Tesla Just Got Its Name Back In China

8/6/2014 - ​Harley Rider Crosses Creek With Wife And Kid, Laughs At Your ADV

8/6/2014 - The Ferrari 355 Engine Is Arrestingly Beautiful

8/6/2014 - Working For Weeks To End Up With 2 Minutes Of BMW Action

8/6/2014 - Proposing Upside-Down In A Stunt Plane Is Wonderfully Awkward

8/6/2014 - Watch A Flash Flood Sweep Cars Away Because Flash Floods Are Scary

8/6/2014 - ​Here's What A Formula E Car Swap Looks Like

8/6/2014 - The 700-HP Caparo T1 Evolution Will Be Pants-Shittingly Terrifying

8/6/2014 - Incredible Aerial Footage From Russia's 'Aviadarts' Exercise

8/6/2014 - Incredible Aerial Footage From Russia's 'Aviadarts' Exercise

8/6/2014 - Watch This Race Car Driver Pass Nine Cars In One Turn

8/6/2014 - Here’s What Happens When Two Women Drive Around In a Ferrari

8/6/2014 - Rat Infestation Causes Grounding Of Air India Flight

8/6/2014 - Billionaire Prada Designer's Son Rolls Rally Car, Gives No Fucks

8/6/2014 - How You'd Option Your Porsche 911

8/6/2014 - Here's How Toyota Plans To Prove Their 'TRD Pro' Trucks Are Legit

8/6/2014 - Figure-8 School Bus Racing Is Funny 'Til The Crash, Then It's Hilarious

8/6/2014 - The Peugeot 205 GTI: Jalopnik Fantasy Garage

8/6/2014 - MotorTrend Host Nearly Killed In Audi R8 Crash Recounts Her Recovery

8/6/2014 - 2015 GMC Canyon & Chevy Colorado Prices Compared To Closest Rivals

8/6/2014 - Deals: Cargo Tray, Damaged Nut and Bolt Remover, Dustbuster

8/6/2014 - Man Suspected Of Stealing Schumacher Medical Docs Found Dead In Jail

8/6/2014 - ​NHTSA's Instagram Account Is Really Depressing

8/6/2014 - How Do You Test Your New 717 Horsepower V8 Nissan Drift Car?

8/6/2014 - Aston Martin Just Got A Lot Faster For 2015

8/6/2014 - Now You Can Drift A Classic Silver Arrow In Mario Kart 8

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8/6/2014 - Chinese Off-Road Sports Car Concept Looks Like A Sweet Hot Wheels Toy

8/6/2014 - No More Meals For Some Of American's First Class Passengers

8/6/2014 - Here's Six Minutes Of Randy Pobst Driving A BMW Like A Madman

8/6/2014 - The Most Extreme Factory Widebodies

8/6/2014 - The 2015 Mercedes C63 AMG Wagon Gets Loud And Rowdy On The 'Ring

8/6/2014 - Here Is A List Of Things Newer Than Kim Jong-Un's Submarine

8/6/2014 - Passengers Lift Train Off Trapped Man In Amazing Video

8/6/2014 - Delphi Avoids Nearly $110 Million In Taxes With Obama's Help

8/6/2014 - Procol Harum -- 'Whiter Shade Of Pale'

8/6/2014 - Watch These Land Rover Discovery Sport Prototypes Go Through Hell

8/6/2014 - The Government Thinks A Lot Of Terrorists Live In Dearborn

8/6/2014 - This Custom 2006 Volvo S60R Wants $15,000

8/5/2014 - United Flight Diverted For Galley Fire

8/5/2014 - This Dinan Tuned E92 M3 Isn't Cheap, But It Is Seriously Badass

8/5/2014 - ​This Turbo Diesel Cafe Racer Is Powered By Bacon

8/5/2014 - ​Chinese Regulators Raid Daimler's Shanghai Offices

8/5/2014 - After 17 Years, Leo Parente Is Racing Again

8/5/2014 - Americans Feel Good About Self-Driving Cars But Don't Want Them Yet

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8/5/2014 - What Joe Rogan And His Porsche GT3 RS Get Right About Sports Cars

8/5/2014 - ​Arlen Ness' Brother Dies In Motorcycle Crash Outside Reno

8/5/2014 - Dear God, What Have I Done: Owning An '80s Porsche 911 Turbo

8/5/2014 - The 2015 Chevy Colorado Will Cost $20,995, GMC Canyon Starts At $21,880

8/5/2014 - Let The Noise Of The Jaguar XFR-S Unleash Your Inner Child

8/5/2014 - Watch A Rally Car Save Itself From A Massive Crash

8/5/2014 - My Horn Stopped Working: Another CarMax Warranty Update

8/5/2014 - Some Dealerships Are Getting Better With Younger Buyers

8/5/2014 - Missile Blows Up Road In Unbelievable Ukrainian Dash Cam Video

8/5/2014 - This Stealth Grey And Orange Bespoke McLaren P1 Is A Symphony Of Evil

8/5/2014 - Voice Recognition Systems In Cars Suck And Are Terrible

8/5/2014 - Why NASA's "Impossible" Engine Is Likely Just That

8/5/2014 - Marion Barry Somehow Owes D.C. $2,800 In Traffic Tickets

8/5/2014 - These Cars Should Keep You Out Of Jail In Virginia

8/5/2014 - Dealership That "Thrashed" Customer's Mustang Offers To Buy It Back

8/5/2014 - Deals: Top Gear UK, Yakima Racks and Carriers, Worx AeroCart

8/5/2014 - The Navy's First Jet Aircraft Also Had A Propeller

8/5/2014 - ​A Brake Failure Nearly Killed Jason Statham

8/5/2014 - You Don't Need A V8 To Hoon A Holden

8/5/2014 - Even More Sweet Cars For Forza Horizon 2

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8/5/2014 - The Navy's First Jet Aircraft Also Had A Propeller

8/5/2014 - The Rolls-Royce Wraith Drophead Is Coming In 2016

8/5/2014 - This Car-Buying Website Is Worth $2.5 Billion, So Suck It Instagram

8/5/2014 - Fighter Jet Escorts Qatar Flight Into Airport Over 'Possible Device'

8/5/2014 - This Stealthy Mercedes Is Actually A Bomb-Resistant Armored Tank

8/5/2014 - Bernie Ecclestone Uses $100 Million Bribe To Avoid Jail For Bribery

8/5/2014 - Old Crow Medicine Show -- 'Wagon Wheel'

8/5/2014 - The Jalopnik Film Festival Will Be The Greatest Car Film Event Ever

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8/5/2014 - Want To Make A Film About Car Culture? We’re Here To Help

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8/4/2014 - James May Hosts A Wonderfully Ludicrous Motorcycle Race

8/4/2014 - A Practical New Use For Your Flame Shooting Exhaust

8/4/2014 - Dennis Rodman Parties With Latvian Million-Dollar Armored Car Company

8/4/2014 - New Ford Ranger Spotted In The US, Looks A Lot Bigger Than We Remember

8/4/2014 - This Helicopter Rodeo Stunt Act Is Frightening

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8/4/2014 - The 2016 BMW 7-Series Will Be The Future Of Rear-Wheel Drive BMWs

8/4/2014 - American Spy Plane Makes Mad Dash For Sweden After Russian Intercept

8/4/2014 - Deals: Garage Cleaning Caddy, GoPro Black, Handheld Water Blade

8/4/2014 - Never Speed In Virginia: Lessons From My Three Days In Jail

8/4/2014 - Watch A Rally Driver Blow Your Mind With An Incredible Powerslide

8/4/2014 - Driving & Doing Donuts In The Cummins Diesel Nissan Frontier

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8/4/2014 - Car Thefts Are Down A Stunning 95 Percent In NYC Since 1990

8/4/2014 - Driving Through A Forest Fire Is Like Driving Through A Vision Of Hell

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8/4/2014 - Drivers Save 6-Year-Old Boy Who Drove Toy ATV Onto Highway

8/4/2014 - How Do You Prep Your Car For A Cross-Country Drive?

8/4/2014 - The Ten Cars With The Most Undeserved Stigma

8/4/2014 - Hennessey Will Sell At Least 30 290 MPH Venom F5s For $1.3+ Million Each

8/4/2014 - Airlines Begin Cutting Flights To West Africa Due To Ebola (UPDATED)

8/4/2014 - These Ten Future Classics Cost Less Than $20k And Could Make You Money

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8/4/2014 - The Ford Focus SVT Was America's Focus ST Before We Got The ST

8/4/2014 - The Hennessey Venom F5: A 290 MPH, 1,400+ Horsepower Hyperslayer

8/4/2014 - Why It Takes So Damn Long To Recall And Fix Defective Cars

8/4/2014 - A Porsche Cayman GTS On A Go-Kart Track Looks Like Crazy Fun

8/4/2014 - Redbone — 'Come And Get Your Love'

8/4/2014 - This 2006 Pontiac Solstice is $29,990, and LS3-Powered!

8/4/2014 - Honda Built The Best Race Hauler Ever

8/3/2014 - Watch The Famous BMW 'Ring Taxi Have An Enormous Crash On The 'Ring

8/3/2014 - Cruise Like A Boss In A Bentley Continental GT For Only $52,000

8/3/2014 - These Are The Dorky Videos Richard Hammond Made Before Top Gear

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8/3/2014 - Honda Wants Your Signature So You Know An Airbag Might Kill You

8/3/2014 - Watch A Crazy-Drunk Trucker Plow Through Sanity In Belarus

8/3/2014 - You Can Get Crazy Supercar Performance For The Price Of A Used Minivan

8/3/2014 - Pro-Russian Rebels Find Soviet-Era High-Speed Spy Drone

8/3/2014 - Are Boeing And Airbus Building Too Many Planes?

8/3/2014 - Explosion At GM Supplier In China Reportedly Kills At Least 69

8/3/2014 - This Is Some Seriously Hardcore Mirage Fighter Jet Porn

8/2/2014 - It Is Possible To Drive An E90 M3 For Less Than $300/mo

8/2/2014 - Your Ridiculously Awesome Porsche 917K Wallpaper Is Here

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8/2/2014 - Is BMW Already Cooking Up A Competition Package For The M4?

8/2/2014 - Why You Shouldn't Be Afraid Of The Ebola Virus Spreading In The U.S.

8/2/2014 - Why You Shouldn't Be Afraid Of The Ebola Virus Spreading In The U.S.

8/2/2014 - Here's How Showers Are Built For Emirates A380s

8/2/2014 - Weekend Motorsports Roundup, August 2-3, 2014

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8/1/2014 - Weekend Wonderful Whatever: Tintin And A Yeti Shill 2CVs

8/1/2014 - Drunk Passenger Slaps Child, Hurls Prosthetic Leg At Flight Attendant

8/1/2014 - The Crowdsourced Vision Of Racing Doesn't Have Brakes

8/1/2014 - If You Don't Buy An E30 For Low Buck Racing, You Are A Moron

8/1/2014 - CNN's Latest Car Hacking Story Keeps Proud Tradition Of Cluelessness

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8/1/2014 - This Remanufactured Plane Aims To Make Aviation Less Expensive

8/1/2014 - Here's An Elephant Driving A Land Rover

8/1/2014 - Dealership Finds A Way To Pay Salespeople Even If The Deal Dries Up

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8/1/2014 - Have You Ever Wanted To Race The Top Gear Test Track? Now You Can

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8/1/2014 - Turns Out Millennials Buy More Cars Than Generation X-ers

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8/1/2014 - The Aston Martin V8 Vantage N430 Is No Gentleman's Car

8/1/2014 - There's Nothing About This AC Cobra 289 I Don't Like

8/1/2014 - Recon Marines Literally Drop In On Seattle Seahawks Training Camp

8/1/2014 - Deals: GoPro or Go Home, IR Thermometer, AutoZone and Advance Deals

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8/1/2014 - The Charger Hellcat Is Probably Coming To The Woodward Dream Cruise

8/1/2014 - This Accused Car Thief Was Kind Of A Genius

8/1/2014 - Explosions Devastate Taiwanese City, Killing 25 And Flipping Vehicles

8/1/2014 - Honeybees Help Airbus Build Environmentally-Friendly Planes

8/1/2014 - Nissan’s LCD Rearview Mirror Proves Not Everything Needs To Be Digital

8/1/2014 - ​Which Car Carries The Most Undeserved Stigma?

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8/1/2014 - B.B. King – 'Lucille'

8/1/2014 - This Amazing Jet Will Transport Ebola Victims From Africa To The U.S.

8/1/2014 - This Amazing Jet Will Transport Ebola Victims From Africa To The U.S.

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