The Ten Worst Cartoon Cars

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Cartoonists can go wild with their cars, but it doesn't always look like they think them through before the drawing begins.


10.) Hong Kong Phooey's car

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Let's just say Hong Kong Phooey did not know much about aerodynamics or passive safety. Nor did Spot for that matter.

Suggested By: LordRae

9.) Turbo Teen

The writers did not think this one through. At all.

Suggested By: LordRae

8.) The EV in Simpsons

Not exactly a Model S, now is it?

Suggested By: gla2yyz

7.) Spongebob's boat cars

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It has clearly failed as a boat to start with.

Suggested By: willkinton247

6.) Speed Buggy

The only good thing about this neurotic deathtrap was that it reminded us of the Meyers Manx.


Suggested By: You had fordboy357 at "meat tornado"

5.) The Ambiguously Gay Duo's Car

This one sucked, but on purpose, which actually kind of makes it the best cartoon car...


Suggested By: Arrivederci

4.) Rufus Ruffcut's racer


The ride must have been dreadful, and he was also second to last behind Dick Dastardly's Mean Machine in the points.

Suggested By: Green Pig

3.) Filmation Ghostbusters Ghost Buggy

Kill all the master copies of this cartoon with fire, please. For Ecto-1's sake.


Suggested By: Grand Moff Talkin'

2.) The Brave Little Toaster's junkyard cars

This is not how you explain euthanasia to children. Chronic depression, suicidal behavior — you name it, it's there.


Suggested By: justregisteralready

1.) Fred Flintstones' car

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Even if you don't count the lack of engine or the brake/axle issues, two wheels remain bad when it comes to cars.

Suggested By: Steve Kuhn

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