This summer marks the 30th anniversary of Ghostbusters, and you really can't talk about that movie — at least we can't — without talking about the Ghostbusters' car, the Ecto-1. The original was a 1959 Cadillac 'professional' car — as in ambulance or hearse. But what if the Ghostbusters had to use a new car? What should they pick?

Just for reference, that original, iconic Ecto-1 was purchased for $4800 and needed only

Suspension work, shocks, brakes, brake pads, lining, steering box, transmission, rear end, new rings, mufflers, and (a little) wiring

to get going again. So, if you were a Ghostbuster, and could get a brand-new, free car as a Ghostbustermobile, what's the best choice? We ran the data through the Jalopnik Mainframe (located on Mickey Roarke's Sex Prison Island) and got some compeling results:


Ferrari FF: An interesting result. Sometimes, speed is of the essence when you're dealing with ghosts, and you have to get all the way across town before another child is brutally slimed. Those situations could really benefit from the FF's speed.

It's really the only Ferrari that even comes close to having the room needed, though I don't think everyone's Proton Pack would fit inside (I bet you could cram in 2) but that may be okay, since you'll probably only be able to haul two Ghostbusters. Also, the standard roof equipment palette requires special supports at the rear.


Nissan Juke-R: Okay, this takes the speed the FF provides, but gives a few key upgrades: first, four Ghostbusters (maybe five) can fit, and at least four Proton Packs should be able to be crammed in there as well. Also, the Juke R is AWD, so traction through snow or some occasional off-road access to severly haunted sites should be possible.

Plus, the red detailing the Juke-R comes with fits the Ghostbuster color scheme quite nicely.


Mitsubishi eK/Nissan Roox: Really, almost any little Kei-class van would work here. I think this is a really interesting option because, let's face it, New York is a dense, congested city, and having an Ecto-1 that could really weave its way through traffic jams or squeeze into tiny alleys, or, hell, even drive inside creepily haunted buildings could be just what's needed.

I bet this thing could be quicker getting to a site of intense ectoplasmic activity faster than even the FF in real-world situations. Plus, these little guys are surprisingly roomy — I bet 3-4 Ghostbusters and their related equipment could fit. A slightly reduced-size roof palette may be needed, though.


Tesla Model X: Okay, this one won't technically be out until next year, but think about these benefits: quiet, to sneak up on ghosts, fast, AWD for traction, plenty of room for a full complement of Ghostbusters and equipment and, best of all, it could be recharged from one of the unlicensed nuclear reactors each Ghostbuster carries on their back. That's pretty cool, right?

Oh, and indoor use is possible without asphyxiating anyone, which would just make more pissed-off ghosts. Damon just reminded me about the "falcon" doors of the Model X, and how they'd interfere with the roof equipment rack. Crap. Well, I guess you'll have to make those conventional or sliding doors.


Kia Soul: I actually think this one may be the best compromise Ecto-1. Small enough to be nimble in traffic and easy to park, quick enough (at least in the city) to get where the shit's going down post-haste, and the boxy design is surprisingly roomy, allowing for plenty of equipment and four Ghostbusters.

It's cheap, too, so when it gets banged up or slimed, it won't break the bank to fix. Remember, Ray already mortgaged his mom's house to pay for that fire station.

That's what we came up with. What do you guys think?