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If you want a grossly gaudy ride to the prom that looks fresh off a rack at Toys R Us, get a Hummer H2 and slap 20 feet of fuselage between the wheels. Real rough n' tumble off-road party goers will pick this jacked-up Lincoln Town Car every time.

Maybe I've just watched A Night At The Roxbury too many times, but the mid-90's Lincoln will always be my quintessential limousine. I reckon it's aged remarkably well thanks to the simplicity of its design and correct proportions.


The only way to possibly improve that look is to jack it way the hell up and slap mud tires on it!

My favorite part of this build is how completely stock and unassuming this Town Car is from the wheel-wells up. Even the interior remains stock-standard, unless you count the retractable step to help ladies in heels navigate their way to the passenger compartment.


I feel like most folks who'd lift a limo would end up sawzalling the roof up, slapping cattle horns on the hood, or at least doing some kind of flame job.

But no. Not this guy. This limo just looks like it slipped and fell out of a wedding motorcade and onto a swamp buggy chassis, and for that I reckon it's pretty righteous.


We don't actually know anything about this lifted Lincoln, other than the fact that it's in Illinois (land of Lincoln, ha!) Anyone want to place wagers on how this thing rides on the road or in the dirt?


I'm about ready to pop out of the sunroof and scream "Woo! I'm in hollywood!" while this rig charges through that corn field it's posing with.

Hat tip to Drew!

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