Many high-end cars have valet modes which allow the owner to limit certain features of their car, even horsepower, when handing the keys over to a valet. For 2015 the Corvette Stingray gets the best valet mode of any car, courtesy of its Performance Data Recorder.

The Performance Data Recorder (PDR) is essentially a built in dash cam that allows Stingray owners to record their track days that Chevrolet has cleverly repurposed for its valet mode. Once the owner turns on valet mode the PDR starts recording audio, video and telemetry that the owner can watch on the car's screen, or download to their computer later.


This is an especially great feature considering what we know about valets. Even still, I'd probably still avoid valets if I owned a Stingray, but having this feature would be a nice reassurance if I had to trust my car with some stranger.

A very cool addition to what was already one of our favorite cars at Jalopnik.

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