I was never a huge fan of the Jaguar XJ6 when I was growing up, but the more I stare at it, the more I think it's the most finely proportioned sedan of the modern era.

By modern era, I mean it's not exactly the same kind of car as, say, a fantastic 1929 Ruxton or something. The Jag fits the modern template of a fully enclosed, streamlined automobile, only it's much more resolved than anything else on the road today.


There's one that lives in my neighborhood that I see almost every day. And every time I see it I'm still surprised at how low the car is, how purposeful the drawn-out fender line seems, and how airy the narrow greenhouse stays.

You can read a whole history of the car's design and development right here and the excellent Austin Rover Online, from its earliest moments as sketches, to its days with a big straight six, on to the strained creation of its wallet-killing V12.

Of course, you just as often see these XJ Jaguars like this, rusting out with broken gauges and stuttering engines, as you do in polished restoration.


But I'm not sure there's ever been a better-penned sedan than the original XJ. Something about it just hasn't been matched.


Photo Credits: Jaguar

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