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Ford Canada's latest commercial series profiles Ford owners who do cool jobs with their trucks, and the Tornado Hunter F-150 is easily the most badass so far. Their bright-orange SuperCrew called "flash" looks straight out of Jurassic Park.

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The truck is completely covered in Line-X bedliner, giving it a strange textured appearance under the layer of orange paint. The "TORNADO HUNTER" text on the doors is cut out of what looks like stick-on armor, which gives it a neat relief effect.

A robust set of bumpers are connected to a roof rack/roof armor via tube steel shafts that form limb risers. In this context, that's more to protect wind-propelled objects flying out of nowhere than help the truck pick its way through a tight trail off-road. Off the back, there are camera-mounting modules and extra storage.

Here's Tornado Hunters driver Ricky Forbes with his spiel about what it's like to charge after one of the world's scariest weather patterns (and repeatedly mention how awesome the Ford F-150 is):

Tornado Hunters photographer offers his perspective (and repeatedly mention how awesome the Ford F-150 is):

Images: Ford Canada, AgriRep

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