Flaming Dutchman In '70s Corolla Jumps Car, Is Absolutely Bonkers-Nuts

I'm so confused by so much of what I'm seeing here. I think they're speaking Dutch, which may be corroborated by the "AMSTERDAM" painted on the Corolla's door. But this stunt — with the fire, the absent roll cage or fire suit — is absolutely, clinically bonkers.

It starts looking like a tame enough ramp jump over a single car, until they start pouring gasoline all over the driver's car and all over the car to be jumped, the makeshift ramp, everything — EVEN THE DRIVER HIMSELF — and then set the whole mess on fire.

The little Toyota does manage to make it pretty well aloft and over the other flaming car, aflame itself all the while (fed by another tank set in the back window?) but it seems like all the planning for this stunt quit at the point the car was hanging in mid-air, engulfed in flames.


The car's plummet and flop onto its roof is downright alarming, and the dazed look on the driver (Moritz TUN-something, according to that door) is almost comical if he didn't come so close to becoming a well-cooked Dutchman patty.

Also, what's up with the Confederate Battle flag on his racing suit? What the hell does a Dutch guy know from the Confederacy?

Holy shit. Can someone help me translate that interview at the beginning? Though I think I'll be disappointed if he says anything other than "I'm absolutely clamshit, and that's why I need no protective gear at all. I know in my heart that the great Confederate Iron Turtle-God will leap out of the ground and save me before I come to any harm. Now please join me in a ritual tongue-drying to please my Turtle God."

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