In a world of Hellcats and million-horsepower ultracars, it's nice to have something that just works, without being garish, flashy, or overtly outlandish. Here's a charming little French wagon that would put a smile on the face of anyone's inner Jalop. Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the Earth.


This 1978 Peugeot 504 Diesel Wagon is perhaps the cleanest remaining example of Franco-American relations during the gas crisis. It's frugal, easy to work on (although I doubt your local Autozone would have parts for this thing), and has more personality than Jean Reno and Gerard Depardieu combined.

The seller claims this car is a 2-owner, California car with no rust, with one hell of an interior trim package. Just so you didn't confuse it with some standard American job, the shifter is so high on the center console that it's touching the dashboard and the seats are lovingly appointed in both cloth and brown vinyl, which I can't say looks bad at all.


It has around 113,000 miles on the clock, but with good maintenance, this plucky French family hauler could make it another 300,000 without much issue. Buy it and drive it through the countryside to appreciate the simple things in life.

(Hat tip to 505Turbeaux)

Tavarish is the founder of APiDA Online and writes about buying and selling cool cars on the internet. He owns the world's cheapest Mercedes S-Class, a graffiti-bombed Lexus, and he's the only Jalopnik author that has never driven a Miata. He also has a real name that he didn't feel was journalist-y enough so he used a pen name and this was the best he could do.


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