Is This The Best Sounding Race Car Ever Made?

There's too many great race car noises to definitively say which is the best, but this Mazda 787 is certainly up there.

It's Pebble Beach weekend in Montery which means tons of amazing car events including lots of gratuitous historic racing at Laguna Seca.


That's why Mazda has brought their 1990 787 out of the vault. All the lucky bastards at Laguna got to hear it's howling 4 rotor Wankel engine, but the guys at Mazda didn't forget about all of us sitting at home–they've posted an in-car video of the 787 on its practice laps.


The 787 might not be the absolute best sounding race car ever made, but it's certainly in the top 5. It's without a doubt, one of the most distinct sounding cars in the world.

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