At first I thought the Lamborghini 5-95 by Zagato was more Spyker with Lamborghini added, but now I'm convinced it's more Lamborghini with Spyker added. Either the way, the more I see of it, it's just so.... ugh. So Zagato made one in yellow.

Who knows, maybe you like it. Maybe you think it's the greatest thing since hot sauce. I just feel like all its proportions are all off somehow, all of it looks a bit ungainly. This line goes on a bit too long, that line is a bit too short, and the front end looks all gawping and confused, like you just asked for some banana and marmite on your ham sandwich.

And that's what makes this all so frustrating. Take what is arguably the best Italian design house in the business, Zagato, makers of beautiful Ferraris and even prettier Aston Martins, and add in Lamborghini, which at this point doesn't need any more of a descriptor than Lamborghini. Have them make a car. Have them base it on a Gallardo.

Recipe for beauty, right?

Well, sometimes no. But Zagato's found a market for five of these things, of which the yellow one is numero dos.

Good for them, I suppose.