I was waiting at the DMV when the examiner walked in, threw her clipboard onto the counter, and began berating a middle-aged guy in a language I did not understand. Apparently his wife was there for her first exam, and he figured his old lady didn't need any lessons before getting behind the wheel.

Chatting with the examiner later, I found out that she didn't know how to put the car into gear, wasn't sure about which pedal was which, and when she finally got the controls sorted, she nailed the gas, went through a row of hedges, and into the side of an adjacent building.


As I discovered after teaching driver training for several years, this was an extreme case, but not that uncommon.

Most of us were better prepared thanks to family, friends, and instructors, but there was no way to prepare us for the megalomaniacal tester in the passenger seat. So how bad was your driving test?

Photo credit: OregonDOT

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