Ferrari Sent Deadmau5 A Cease And Desist About His 'Purrari'

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Apparently Ferrari was none to pleased with the custom badges and associated floor mats on Deadmau5’s 458 Italia Purrari. So much so that Ferrari North America sent the self-admitted button-pusher a cease and desist to have the custom emblems removed.


Deadmau5 (aka Joel Zimmerman) wrapped his 458 in a vinyl tribute to Nyan cat, running it in a few rallies and getting coffee with assorted celebrities and disgraced politicians before it went up for sale.

The wrap has since been removed and returned to its original vanilla flavor, and the customized “Purrari” badges – which are dead ringers for the standard Ferrari text – apparently went with them. Zimmerman doesn’t say if the wrap and badge removal was because of the C&D or if it’s just the next step in selling his 458.

We’re reaching out to Zimmerman and Ferrari for comment, and will update the post if/when we hear back.

Photo: Theron Lane



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What grounds does Ferrari have to make such demands?