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Detroit City Councilman Was 'Super Drunk' While Driving

Illustration for article titled Detroit City Councilman Was Super Drunk While Driving

Here in Michigan we have a "super drunk" violation that says if you're tanked behind the wheel, but a first-time offender, you'll pay a bunch of fines and have more stringent driving restrictions. One of our esteemed Detroit politicians is facing that charge.


There's "standard" drunk (over the limit) and "super" drunk (more than twice the limit), and Detroit City Councilman Scott Benson was three times over Michigan's 0.08 limit when he was found slumped over his steering wheel with the engine running, according to reports.

Benson faces 180 days in jail — and likely, having to relinquish his duties as councilman — if convicted. He is back in court in September.


Benson is new to council; don't give me the "this is what you elected" spin when we had no idea he was going to pull something like this. However, it's not this year's first incident involving a councilperson and alcohol. George Cushingberry Jr., if you remember, was found riding around with open intoxicants just after his election.

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This kind of shit happens so frequently with Detroit politicians that it is impossible to keep track of. No city in the country elects a worse cross section of idiots to office than metro Detroit. Harsh...but 100% true.