Elon Musk Gets Bucket Of Water Dumped On Him, So Many Questions Arise

Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk was recently challenged by Bill Gates in that super-annoying ALS charity thing you're seeing everywhere now. It looks like he chose to dump himself with ice water, rather than paying the $100, but from this video we honestly can't be sure.


The reason we mostly can't be sure is because Musk doesn't really say why he's dumping water on his head, what his end goal is here, why he's employing children to do it, and he doesn't really challenge anyone else. So maybe this isn't for the ALS challenge at all?

Maybe this is just how Elon normally spends his Saturdays. Maybe this is what gives him that extra juice to keep things going. Maybe it helps remind him that every day that no, he is not dreaming, and yes, he really is a billionaire who seems to be succeeding at changing the world.

So either way, it's working for him. Keep doing it, Elon.

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