Pending Replies Are Back And Should Solve Some Problems

As you may have realized, it's impossible at the moment to upload rich media like photos in the comments. This sucks and is because some people on the Internet are dicks. Thankfully, tech has a solution to this that'll also help with the spam problem: Pending Replies are back.

If you missed the fun last week here at Gawker media, some asshole (or a group of assholes) have been trolling Jezebel and then everyone else with GIFs of rape, torture, et cetera. We temporarily killed all images until we could come up with a solution that didn't involve taking away images/video/et cetera forever.

This solution is to bring back the Pending Reply which, while we had it, actually did a great job of keeping out all sorts of unwanted commentary. At the time you probably didn't know some random person's sister was making $6,000 a month on the Internet and you were probably happier without that knowledge.

What does this mean for you? If you're "followed by Jalopnik" you're good and will automatically be approved. If someone followed by Jalopnik replies to your post, you, too, will have that specific comment approved (and maybe get followed). Anything unapproved will go into pending.

It's not a perfect solution and we're going to keep tweaking it to add more and more readers. Also, we'll add images back early next week once our great tech team (the group who had to look at more hideous GIFs than anyone) is satisfied that things should work.

This means you should be vigilant in who you follow and generous in who you reply to and recommend. Any questions?


Photo: Getty Images

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