Steering wheels are hugely under appreciated. They're the most direct connection between car and driver, feeding unending amounts of information into one of the most dense areas of nerve endings in the body. Just as importantly, they're a technological barometer of what was necessary to keep the engine chugging along, and damn, some of these were complicated.

For the average gearhead, Pebble Beach is such a massive sensory overload that it's hard to keep your mind from spinning inside your skull and dripping out your ears. So this year I decided to narrow my focus. I looked at everything, but I fetishized steering wheels. Big ones, small ones, simple ones, complex ones, some that forced the driver to manage fueling and ignition and governors and… is that a "passing" setting? Most were just round bits of wood and steel, but some were the perfect blend of mechanical form and function, and these were the best of show.