Fishing Boat Hauls In Plane Wreckage Along With Its Catch

Late last week, a fishing trawler off the coast of New Zealand made a gruesome discovery while hauling in its catch — the wreckage of a small aircraft, with human remains inside of it.

The wreckage matches that of a homebuilt AcroSport biplane flown by Daroish Kraidy, including his initials near the tail. Kraidy, 53, had been missing since March 25th, after taking off from Ardmore Airfield, near Auckland. He was known to be a skilled pilot, who participated in World Precision Flying Championships.

A full search was completed of the ocean surface in the area where Kraidy was believed to have crashed, but nothing was found at that time. His wife, Judy said, "We absolutely knew he was gone out to sea somewhere. I always said if he was to be found it would be purely by accident, and that's exactly what happened - it's like a miracle. It's a very big ocean."

Kraidy's ex-wife said she felt that his disappearance may have been a deliberate act because he had battled depression for years.

Source: International Business Times

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